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Tyra stands up and tells Tami to stop pretending she cares about the Collettes. Tami protests, but Tyra goes on, telling Tami that she found out that Tami won't let Julie hang out with her any more. Tami's face registers real regret that Tyra knows this. Tyra continues, telling Tami to stop acting superior in her house, that she isn't a friend of the family. Tyra, in tears, shouts at Tami, "Go home!" Tami is quiet for a second and then, questioningly, "Tyra?" as she steps over some debris, following the girl into the kitchen. God, Connie Britton is a careful actress. She levels with the kid: "It's just that...Julie's my girl." She explains that she might be blaming Tyra for how Julie's been acting even when it might just be that Julie's growing up. She gives Tyra a glimpse into the heart of a functional mother, saying that she thought she'd be able to handle all this and know what to do, but she doesn't, and she feels like a big freight train is coming in her direction and she's just trying to stop it. Tami apologizes to Tyra, who just says that she'll get the broom. Connie Britton goes off to a corner to contemplate the next step in her program of awesome world domination.

Buddy is walking to his car with his things. Coach follows him out and Buddy whines that he's going to go hide out in a hotel and hope nobody sees him. If you want to go unnoticed, first you'll have to take off that huge striped sweatsuit, fella. Coach doesn't dignify this whining with a response. Buddy continues, telling Eric that "it's just not very cool for you to be havin' meeting with me livin' under your roof." Wah wah waaaaah. They have a fairly useless fight about what Buddy is doing worrying about the Panthers when his family is in shambles. It ends on a slightly threatening note with Buddy telling Eric just how much he cares about the Panthers, which...? Didn't we already know this?

Tami and Tyra have finished cleaning -- Tami having done so in her heels the entire time, it appears. As any World Dominating Mastermind would. As Tami leaves, she suggests brightly that Tyra come by her office on Monday to talk about her academic future. Tyra smiles and asks if she's Tami's new project and Tami responds, "Absolutely!" As she leaves, Tyra calls out, "Mrs. T? Thank you."

Indie Rock Choice of the Episode begins. It's David Usher, who only matters a smidgen to me due to his -- according to -- collaboration on a song with Tegan from Tegan and Sara. I liked it better when we were playing "Where's Austin?" This seems more like a game of "Canada? Why Canada?" (Joe R. is going to kill me for saying that about his beloved Canadian indie bands.) Smash is asleep when his cell phone rings. He picks it up and it's Waverly. She says that her dad is at church all day and Smash says to give him two minutes to get over there. We can see that Waverly is not doing so good over at her house, but Smash is not yet aware that he'll be dealing with a crash when he gets there.

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