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We're All In This Together

High-heeled boots sneak into Smash's bedroom in the blue midnight light. Waverly climbs into the bed on top of him and starts smacking away. Thanks, lip mike! Smash whispers that she can't be in there, that his mom'll catch them for sure. Waverly says she knows, and that's why they need to go somewhere else. Where? How about "a nice, romantic, moonlight swim." Mischievous blues music starts up and Smash whispers, "Waverly Grady...what's gotten into you?" I'm going to guess that, this time, it's not enough meds pedaled up from Nuevo Laredo.

Cut to the Waverlash getting naked and slipping into a pool, accompanied by down-homey "oowwwww" yowls on the soundtrack. They make out and Smash says that he's never seen her like this before, "but I could get used to it."

Lyla lies in bed trying to call Jason. His voicemail picks up, and she furrows a bit. She throws the covers back and goes to her closet, gets a duffel bag out, and starts packing.

Drive-by camera, morning in Dillon. Julie wanders out of her room in her robe and pushes the bathroom door in. Whoa, now! Behind that door is Buddy Garrity, shirtless and wrapped in a towel, his face covered in white foam. It remains inconclusive as to whether Cisco Adler is in there with him, but the shirtlessness, towel, and white foam point to "yes." Julie shrieks and runs away and we cut to her in her parent's bedroom insisting that "n-n-no, no, no, no, no," Buddy Garrity is NOT living in their house. Eric is in bed, his hair very bleary-eyed, while Tami brushes her teeth. They all talk over one another in a family way, Tami telling Julie that nobody's happy with the arrangement, Julie shrieking like a howler monkey, Eric telling everyone to take it down a notch until he finally gets out of bed; he gives the women some horizontal jazz hands and tells them they're all being "veerrry dramatic, veerrry dramatic." So. Cute.

Tim is under his truck when a "cute" and "endearing" moppet gets on the ground and asks, "What are you doing, Tim Riggins?" Tim answers with a throaty hangover that he's fixin' his truck. Moppet introduces himself as "Bo Miller, your new next door neighbor." Sam, Cousin Oliver, Chrissy, Andy, and now "Bo." Quite the illustrious lineage you've got there, moppet. The kid goes on and on and on in this nails-on-a-cuteboard kind of voice, and you'll have to forgive me if I recap his scenes in a blackout. Tim asks him if he can shut up, and there's another reason (right after "hubba hubba") I love me some Timmy. Bo responds, "I don't know, can I?" Tim gets serious and tells him that he has to shut up, "because I'm incredibly hungover right now." Bo wonders what "hungover" means but Tim snaps, "Go home."

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