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Austin. Quad rugby camp. Lots of wheeling around to guitar rock. Jason seems pretty good, but what do I know. The drills are very choreographed and fast and so come off less Xtreme and more West Side Story dance-fighting. I am always up for some choreographed dance-fighting. Cut to Jason and Herc wheeling out of practice. They're both humming some sort of song -- "Do, do-do-do-do-do" -- and trying to push one another's sport wheelchair off track. I don't know. It must be man love. Jason notices Lyla standing a little ways off and tells Herc that he'll catch up with him. Herc groans, "Oh, well if it isn't Little Miss Buzzkill." Jason tells him to shut up while suppressing a smile at Herc's antics and then wheels over to Lyla.

He says "Hi!" Lyla is like, I just drove two hundred miles and all I get is "Hi"? Jason backtracks ineffectually, "I'm just shocked to see you" -- Lyla looks down -- "Surprised?" -- Lyla's lip quivers -- "Happy! Happy's a better word" -- Lyla furrows. Dude, get a clue. He asks her what's wrong and she warbles, "I think my parents are splitting up." Jason goes slackjawed and wonders whether now might be a good time to discuss Sanskrit and the Art of Extreme Wheelchair Culture.

Excuse me, I'm blacking out again. Bo is on the screen telling Tim that he's going to play football for the Panthers one day. He playacts a snap, doing his own sports announcing, and not only does he have a lobotomizing voice, but he's one of those little-man children. I know this kid doesn't have control over the contrast between his stumpy little body and older-seeming comportment, but he's just giving me a real violation-of-nature kind of revulsion (tm Webster) and I'm just starting to get pretty confused here, having any kind of non-positive reaction to what is going on on my screen during this hour of television.

Deep breath.

Okay. Tim takes the football from BoManChild and tells him he'll teach him how to spiral. He instructs him how to place his fingers on the laces -- pointing out that Bo will have a hard time with his little hands -- and then tells him how to turn to "put what little weight you have behind the ball." Bo watches all this intently, nodding his head and jerking around spazzily. Tim throws the ball, Bo catches it and does this horrible Gremlin voice, something about "Candy, candy!" before throwing it back to Tim. God, I'm going to need some "Candy, candy" if I have to watch too many more scenes with this kid. The kind of candy they've got down there in Nuevo Laredo.

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