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Jason and Lyla are talking things over in his room. Lyla has not opted for the four-inch espadrilles of distress, going with a more common choice of jeans and a ratty hooded sweatshirt to express her depression. He thinks her mom will just get over it. Lyla doesn't know, and says she doesn't know that she should. Jason repeats a piece of advice he got regarding his own experience with being cuckolded: "There's no weakness in forgiveness." Lyla smiles at Jason and says that he seems really happy. She climbs on the bed with him as he says that he's happy to be playing a sport again. He says he hasn't been this happy since the accident. Lyla furrows, and Jason says that that came out wrong. He assures her that she makes him extremely happy, and reaches out to caress her cheek. She notices something on his wrist, grabs his arm, and pushes his sleeve up.

Shocking Sanskrit Revelation! (Why the promos didn't promise to reveal the Sanskrit Secret we've all been wondering about, I'll never know.) Lyla gets pretty shrill as she tries to rub it off with her hand: "Is this real?!" Jason sheepishly explains that it was an impulse buy. Lyla exclaims that he's now permanently messed up. Jason reminds her that he was pretty permanently messed up before and sort of chuckles, telling her it isn't a big deal. She looks at him intently and says, "It kind of is." Uh, except it isn't. She asks what it says, and he explains the whole patchouli mess to her. She seems pretty satisfied with the explanation that it says "peace" in Sanskrit, but then remarks that "It's just not you." Jason counters with A Major Theme: "Well, it is now."

Eric comes home and we follow him down the hallway toward the kitchen/living room. Tami snarkily calls out, "Helllooo! I'm in here makin' pork chops!" Buddy is on the couch, he gets up to greet Coach and says he hopes Coach doesn't mind that he got the game tapes out to review. Tami looks at her husband like she's been wrestling a bear all day. Eric tells Buddy he'll be with him soon and then asks Tami if they can talk for a second. The woman is whisking something off-camera with some seriously emotive culinary force. She mutters, "Mmm hmmm," and we cut outside where the Taylors are forced to have their colloquy.

Tami blows her top about Buddy going and buying a bunch of groceries and making her make pork chops until Eric tells her to hold up a second. Apparently, Neil Kenney, the athletic director of TMU (new fictional university interested in Coach), wants to have dinner that night to "talk about the future." Tami asks, "The future? Our future?" and then hugs her husband and tells him how proud she is of him.

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