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Truly the lady has removed her glasses and is now H.E.T.F. That's my new acronym because I don't like M.I.L.F., especially since a number of my hot female friends are now mothers themselves. My new acronym, instead of emphasizing the motherhood of the woman in question, focuses on what really matters, the "huh, she is actually pretty hot" surprised reaction of a young man or woman to the existence of a particular person's suitability for bedroom activities. Thus H.E.T.F., or "Hot Enough To Fuck." So, she runs over to the Playgirl Ranch to collect her Lobotomizing Man Child. (Somehow, writing the previous, I feel that a time warp has occurred and I'm recapping Supernatural again.) She struggles with her son at the doorway of the Playgirl Ranch. He insists that he's hanging out with Tim Riggins, learning about football, and has "doubled my skill level in just one afternoon." Tim appears at the doorway with a beer and a soda in his hand. He hands BoManChild the soda. Bo's mom remarks that she heard Tim and Bo were hanging out a lot that day; Bo continues driving the screwdriver between my eyes by squeaking that "the only rule is that I had to keep my voice down to a level three because Tim Riggins had some sort of massive hangover thing." His mom chuckles disapprovingly and then reaches for her son, whom she obviously cannot control. Aw, needy single moms. Aren't they endearingly frazzled? Bo launches a campaign to have Tim come over for dinner. His mom ineffectually says no, Tim ineffectually says no, so it's settled: Tim is coming over for dinner. She finally drags her kid away, and calls behind her, "I'll make it short."

Not making it short is Julie, who continues waging the awesome Snot Rebellion of 2007. She cannot believe they are making her stay in the house alone with Buddy Garrity that night. Tami, meanwhile, is busy -- I know, I know, it seems impossible -- making herself HOTTER for dinner. This involves a snakeskin wrap dress, a little Diane Von Furstenberg knockoff that I hope to Jesus she got at Marshall's and is ROCKING THE SHIT OUT OF -- take that Fashion Week. Julie decides to go below the belt and points out that she isn't allowed to hang out with Tyra anymore, but it's fine if she's in the house "alone with a known adulterer." It seems Julie has reached the age of perpetual italics. Tami refuses to let Julie get a rise out of her, and just says she's sorry that's they way Julie sees things and calm calm calm -- RAP RAP RAP "HUNNY!" she knocks on the bathroom door to rouse her husband. Who responds by flushing, coming out of the bathroom in a jacket with undone tie and very Date Night hair, and without missing a beat saying, "I heard everything your mother said and she's right." Once again, these three just pulled off another fantastic scene all while jammed into a space not much bigger than a postage stamp. Brian Cox would not fare well on this show, I don't think; not enough room in these Texas single stories for grand gestures.

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