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We're All In This Together

Close-up on Matt and Julie. Matt asks Julie if her mom knows she's there and Julie tells Matt to not even ask. Matt says that he just doesn't want her to get grounded again. "Again"? Didn't she just get grounded last week? Then he leans in -- and I'm sure I'm somehow in violation of a number of state laws in how I'm looking at this look on his face -- and tells her, "Cuz I kinda like seeing you." Good God, little boy is hottt. Meanwhile, in the background, we've been instructed to notice Angela reeling around in a demented Nuevo-Laredo-and-blue-bathrobe waltz. She's muttering about looking for her cigarettes. Matt notices her and asks Julie if that's Tyra's mom. Julie, naive little girl wishing she had such a down-and-dirty life, remarks that it is, "but she's cool." Angela finds her cigarettes on the glass coffee table and turns around to sit down on the couch, except for she really just sits down on the glass coffee table which shatters underneath her. The music stops and the strippers laugh, because they only have two settings: purr and giggle. But Tyra rushes to her mom and finds that the back of her robe is all bloody. Lady just sliced her butt off! For reals! Tyra shouts, "Somebody call 911!" but somehow neglects to go for comedy by adding, "We've got a butt emergency!"

The Taylors are at dinner with the TMU guy and his wife. Some blabbing about how good Coach Taylor is until Tami's cell rings and she gets up to take it. It's Julie, who tells her mom first that she isn't hurt, and then explaining that Tyra's mom had an accident and they need an adult at the hospital with them. Tami asks what Julie's doing there and she tells her mom that she was at a party. Tami starts to scold, but Julie asks that she yell at her later and get down there first. Tami tells her she'll be there.

Tim gets walked to the door by the H.E.T.F. lady. If they'd give her a name, I'd be able to stop using terrible acronyms to refer to her. They wait at the door and she calls to Bo to hurry up. He calls out that he'll be right there. Tim looks out the door and remarks first that he is Canadian, and then that her rain gutter is cockeyed: "Yeh know, eh, yer rain gutter's fallin' off." She says she's got a long list of things to do. With work, Bo, and homework, she's got her hands full. Bo runs up and hands Tim an 8x10 picture of himself. He says, "I thought you might want to have this," and Tim responds, very cutely, "Well, you thought right." The fact that this kid is handing out his 8x10 kills me. Like, don't you get only one of those in the package? "Sorry Grandma, I gave the big picture to my next-door neighbor who I hope to bring together with my mom in a sordid and slightly inappropriate affair. Here's a 5x7 instead." Also, the photo itself is kind of priceless, with Bo wearing a sweater vest and Richie Rich slicked-back hair.

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