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Coach Taylor assures Jason that he will always have a spot on the team, however long it takes. Street asks after Saracen; Coach Taylor's eyes sparkle like fanciful unicorns and he teases, "He's throwing like a girl, but he's doing fine." Street continues, explaining Matt to Coach Taylor, telling him that he's creative, he listens to Dylan and draws pictures: "He's a good kid. I think if you free him up on that field, he'll make some things happen for you." Taylor looks down at Street lovingly, obviously stunned that even in this moment, Street is thinking of and trying to please others, and says, "You're a good man. You're a good man."


Coach Taylor continues, "You're what makes guys like me want to coach." Street then, nearly inconceivably, apologizes for letting him and the team down, and Taylor responds with fire in his voice, like he has something to say that he is afraid he will not or just perhaps can-not communicate to this poor kid, "You did not let me down. You did not let me down." Street has a single tear rolling out of eye. Meanwhile, I have about twenty thousand. Commercials, thank the lord.

Wednesday. Landry and Saracen leave the latter's house, Landry in full-on free-association mode, talking about how "they" keep comparing Matt to Street, which is like comparing Landry's music to the Red Hot Chili Peppers, he's not any better or any worse, he's his own thing. Matt interjects, "You're definitely a whole lot worse." Hmm...I thought that nothing could possibly be worse than "Sir Psycho Sexy," but maybe that's just me ("that is meee!"). Landry continues rambling, coining my favorite line of the episode when telling Matt to work the media: "I mean, right now the bitches can't even get your name right." He then comes up with yet another gem, telling Matt that when the cameras roll, "just start spewing stuff out." I have to wonder if Landry has long been the media consultant to select hotel heiresses.

Cut immediately to Matt being interviewed and it is just a hot mess. He leads with the unintelligible statement that "Not everyone can be the Red Hot Chili Peppers," followed with a rambling statement about what a great guy Jason Street is, followed by an inability to answer the question, "Who are you?" by stuttering "Exactly! Who am I. Who am I?" Not exactly leader material here yet. At this point he's making less sense than T.O.'s "overdose."

"Big G, Little O, Go! Go!" is what the cheerleaders practice. It might also be rendered, "Big Boobs, Little Shorts, Go! Go!" Tim Riggins walks by them and Lyla runs over to talk to him, asking how he's dealing with everything. Lyla has a bit of the skinny sternum problem, but I'm not going to get into "she's too skinny" talk (because, really, can you ever be too skinny? [OH MY GOD I JEST!]). Here, instead, I'll focus on her inability to pronounce "Rs" correctly. I think I am trying to distract myself from the world-splitting prospect of watching Lyla and Tim talk to one another. Do not taint my personal Adonis with your plump lips (that prevent you from pronouncing consonants correctly), woman! Lyla tells Tim that she knows he doesn't talk about his feelings, but she's there if he needs to talk. His response? "Cool." She then sort of tries to manipulate him into going to the hospital, inviting him to accompany her, with a cute shrug of the shoulder (man, this girl has got the How To Get What You Want By Inhabiting a Certain Stereotype of a Woman Ten-Point Plan for Success down). When he doesn't respond, she gently tells him that if he doesn't go soon, Street is going to start taking it personal.

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