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Cut over to the Room of Tremendously Abrupt But Certainly Expected News, where the doctor explains that the injury was low enough on Street's spinal cord that he will regain the use of his arms and hands. His mother and father do not look comforted. When Street asks about his legs, his mother reacts instinctively, "We'll just keep praying and once you start therapy..." but Street wants to hear about science, not prayer, from the doctor, and requests that the doctor tell him the truth.

Cut on over to Crapplebee's. Tami sits in a booth, waiting and fending off "Hi"s shouted from across the restaurant. Taylor finally gets there and apologizes for being late. She tells him it's fine, she just made a few dates with a hog farmer from Rio Tinto while she waited. He's all, oh, real funny, and then asks where his daughter is. I love this family. Something about how he just asked about "my daughter." Tami reminds him that she's already reminded him twenty times that Julie had dance rehearsal, and then tells him to take his hat off. When he does, she speaks for all of us and tells him he looks "so cute." Then she does good news/bad news. Bad news: the AC is broken and will cost $3,000 to fix. Coach furrows. Good news: she can help pay for the new unit because she got a new job. The shots are framed really tight on her, helping to indicate that she probably knows her good news will annoy her husband. He asks where the job is, and she sort of stutters, "Um, er, uh, at the school!" and he wants to know which one. He's taken aback: "At my high school?" She's quick to reply, "I wasn't aware you had bought it, but, yeah, new guidance counselor at the high school." Good news has turned bad. He stops looking at her and mumbles about how guidance counselors can be a nuisance and that they'll have interaction at school and they should've talked about it first. She's mumbling right over him, about how she wants to interact, and how she's taken the job. Just as things get kind of heated, his cell rings, he answers, and then whispers to Tami, "It's the hospital calling about Jason." She watches him intently just as we watch him intently as he just says, "Hi. Yeah. Uh, yup," and then goes stone still and quiet.

Commercials. Thursday. The boys are gathered in the locker room, chattering. Coach Taylor walks up to the front of the room, clears his throat, and then rips the band-aid off quickly: "Um, Jason's paralyzed." Cut immediately to Tim, who closes his eyes (gorgeously), and then Matt, who's stunned, as Coach explains that he'll regain use of his arms and hands, but not his legs. Coach Taylor tells the boys that if they need to talk to him, he is there. Tim Riggins gets up and leaves the room. The camera just sort of ranges around the room to coaches and players, all sitting in silence. Coach Taylor tells them that they'll pick it up tomorrow.

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