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Cut to yet another fast-food establishment. Matt Saracen, in a ridiculous little paper server's cap, works the cash register while Landry quizzes him on incredibly complicated plays -- all "eagle ten toenail four purple monkey dishwasher." Matt's rushing around fussing with fries and soda cups and getting frustrated when he gets any detail wrong on a play. Landry tells him to calm down, reminding him that he's "only got 250 or so variations to go after this," and Matt seems to just get the wind knocked out of him at that prospect just as the big malook at the counter asks, "You gonna give me my fries anytime?" Matt's about to crack.

Cut to Street's hospital room. Lyla is curled up next to him, head on his shoulder, while they watch a movie on a portable DVD player. Street quietly says to Lyla that they need to talk about this. Lyla immediately says that "it's not impossible" -- unable to even specify what "it" is. Street is, somehow, doing okay so far at dealing with the hand fate has dealt him (though I hope we see him doing some major scenery-chewing wailing and gnashing as the weeks progress). Lyla insists, to a profoundly disturbing extent, that he WILL walk again, that they don't need to listen to the doctors because they don't know who he is. "You are Jason Street, and I am Lyla Garrity, and everything is gonna work out just the way we planned it." Jesus, girly, way to pile some more on Street; now he has to feel sorry for letting YOU down, for ejecting you from your own McMansion dreams. Lyla grabs Street's hand, closes her eyes like a little girl trying to ignore the monsters in her closet, and starts praying, asking God to help them "pull through this test." She isn't getting that "the test" is not something you "pull through," it's not an overnight stop on the Carnival Cruise Line Holy Cruise To the American Dream.

Coach Taylor sits in his office in the dark, going over plays. Tami walks in with a six-pack and her boobs, and everything is going to be okay DO YOU HEAR ME EMOTIONAL INSTRUMENTAL INDIE ROCK? YOU CANNOT MAKE ME CRY WHEN THERE ARE BOOBS AND BEER! Tami teases her husband, "Field's empty, let's go make out." I'd love to know about their history, they seem to have a high-school-sweethearts story. Coach Taylor tells his wife that Matt is not ready for this, and confesses that right now he doesn't have any idea whether they can even win a game. Tami puts on her "can do" face and says, "Yup. Well...I know what you're gonna do," and then launches in to the best marital pep talk I've ever heard. Or at least a lot more official-seeming than the marital pep talks usually heard around my house, which tend to sound more like, "Oh, you feel overwhelmed and unfulfilled at your job? Me too! Let's eat some Cheetos." Tami tells her husband that she knows he will "mold Matt Saracen" like he did with Jason and like he did with "Jeff Perrell back in Macedonia" who "didn't even know the difference between a skinny post and an out-and-up." Well, I have a hard time swallowing that. Taylor protests that he had a year to work with Jeff Perrell, that here "I got no time. I got no time." Then Taylor reaches pretty deep and confesses something pretty difficult, saying that if he loses a few games, he'll be out of a job: "What they say, it's right. Jason Street was my meal ticket. He's the only reason I got this job. God bless that boy, but I am screwed." Coach furrows and sighs, hitting pretty low, when Tami tells him, in tight focus, and with the most beatific face, "There is not a person in the world who could do this but you. This is what you do, I've seen you do it with my own eyes." Pause. Eyes of Love. "I believe in you. I believe in you with every cell in my being." Yowza. I hope Coach Taylor feels a little bad about the Crapplebee's interlude now.

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