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Instead, she finishes pasting the banner to the wall, and notes to Jason that, for once, "the cheerleaders and rally girls joined forces" to make it. She continues breathlessly summarizing this Foreman kid's tragedy, then turns back toward Jason and takes a deep, childish breath with shrugging shoulders. She leans in really close to Street, and this is partly a wonderful moment, a beautiful and robust person not hesitating to get close to a despairing and sallow one, but what she says is sort of chilling -- "Listen to me. This is gonna be okay" -- because, obviously, of the relative certainty that this will not be okay.

Cut to Coach Taylor riding in his car, listening to Panther Radio and furrowing...transition to Landry's car as he and Matt listen to the same radio hosts dismiss Matt and butcher his name: "This 160-pound sophomore? Matt Sorenson?" Landry's disgusted: "They didn't even get yer name right!" The hacky radio hosts hypothesize that last week Matt just closed his eyes and chucked a Hail Mary, that it was all a fluky byproduct of an adrenaline rush. Cut back to Taylor walking into the locker room, which is unnaturally quiet, the boys clearly expecting some news.

With a mouth full of gum and a baseball cap on his head, Taylor informs the boys that they're still waiting to hear and have gotten a specialist "from Houston" to come over to take a look. The camera ranges across the boys' fearful faces. Tim Riggins's fear has clearly taken the form of "Maybelline," as he appears to be wearing a lot of blush and eyeliner to better MAKE ME HOT. For his part, Coach Taylor, with his enormous wad of gum, salivates a bit as he notes, "As far as football, we got a game Friday." So far, this show has succeeded in making me hot for football, men in blush, and men with disgusting wads of gum/chaw in their mouths. In two short weeks, I've gone from being a relatively cosmopolitan city dweller to being a Hee-Hawing cross dresser. The wonder of television.

On Taylor's repeating that "we've got a lot of work to do," we cut out to the field and TV on the Radio's "Wolf Like Me" (the version from the latest album) starts up in the background, unfortunately mixed really softly. I understand this scene has some dialogue, and they didn't want the dialogue and lyrics to clash, but they could have looped the instrumental, bumped up the levels, and given the sixteen ironic-facial-hair-having indie-nerds who recognized the song a little more devil's-horns action.

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