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Taylor calls his wife over in a hoarse voice (nice detail; one would be hoarse from spending all afternoon screaming like the drill sergeant in Full Metal Jacket), she tucks her luscious hair behind her ear and then just leans her forehead on his before giving him a really smacky kiss: "I love you." He responds, "I love you, too, babe." They're kind of hot in this sort of awesome way, i.e., not "hot" like the Leerys. Taylor stays behind, obsessively watching football tapes, and we cut to...

... Tim, alone in the locker room, obsessively watching a football tape, only for Tim, it is one particular moment during one particular game that he replays over and over. The camera drifts around him, as he sits in the dark in front of the massive screen, pausing and rewinding, his face at first a blank, and then a quick twitch of the nose and mouth as he unsuccessfully tries to hold back tears.

At the book club, the ladies toast to "the girls," the crystal clink of glasses tapped together echoing the cold, bright sounds these women make -- their metal jewelry, their heartless words, their machine-made sentiment. They all thank Tami for coming over. Tami fusses with her hair (she is, to be honest, tanned within an inch of her life) and says that she loved the book. This sends the women into contortions of laughter, hyena laughter which quickly turns to hyena eyes as they lean forward, realizing what prey they have in their midst. Nasty Real Estate Lady seems to be working on a blitz of another sort, one that doesn't involve her lonely pants, as the camera gives us a tight pan in on her hungry face. "Let's talk about what's really important," and the feeding frenzy begins: layers of voices mumble and suggest in sweet, feminine tones. Tami stutters and looks from one to the other as they stumble over one another to get a son more play, or suggest that the counters Taylor runs aren't working.

In the diner, Smash sits in a booth with a girl on either side of him, doing a weird Jamie Foxx as Ray impression. For some reason, Smash has no hip-hop sound field in this scene. Maybe he left it at home. One of the girls is supposed to have his math homework for him, which she doesn't, so the other one offers to go get it. He grins. I can't wait for when they actually show the inside of the high school one of these days.

Meanwhile, a group of random girls sits together crying over Street while Tyra, sitting in a booth with Riggs, looks on in disgust. The random girl cries, "I can't believe it! Just last week we were right here. Jason Street was sitting right over there!" The girl's acting is over the top and it comes off kind of ridiculous, but I guess I can take a moment to be happy for the extra who got a bit of extra dough for squeezing some drops in her eyes and fake-crying. The camera refocuses on Tyra, who asks Riggs, "Could they be more annoying?" I don't know, Matthew Perry, could they? Riggs sits looking out the window, except it is night so he's sort of just gazing at his own reflection in the window. Which I would, too, if I looked that damn good in a freaking Hanes V-Neck. I pause to consider going on eBay to see if someone on the crew got a hold of that Hanes t-shirt after filming and has put it up for sale. Tyra snaps at the girls to "Seriously stop crying," telling them they don't even know Jason Street. Tim just keeps gazing, eating his onion rings. The camera frames Tyra against a bright light behind her, which keeps flashing out behind her moving head as she asks him, "So, just how drunk are you, anyway?" It's clear that Tim is somewhere between "off his tit" and "piss fell down." Wait, that's if he were British. In Texas, I guess, he's just borracho.

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