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We hear Smash holding court in his booth about somebody having to take control now that Street is out, and declaring that, big surprise, he is that somebody. Tim is overhearing this, and it's all cutting through the beer and onion ring haze he's in, which must mean that the sentiment is pretty damn cutting, because I know that for me, personally, when I have beer and onion rings, my house could burn down around me and I wouldn't be able to take my attention off how those luscious spirals gleam with oil and deliciousness.

At the counter, Matt is sitting with Landry when a long-haired blonde approaches him. "Hey Matt!" she says brightly, "so I'm yours!" He stares at her blankly; she explains. Now that he's first string, he gets a rally girl. He tells her what he likes, and she provides it. "So, what do you like, Matt?" she asks with a wicked flourish. Matt continues to act like a deer in headlights (or, as I recently learned they say in Spain, "Like a bull watching the train go by"). She is quite the little hospitable hostess, and suggests that they start off with her "mean chocolate coconut cake" and then go from there. As she leaves, Landry is like, dude-I-am-sooo-psyched. He wants to pause and "consider the implications of this." Matt stutters and sputters and tells Landry he can't think about girls right now. Landry tells him to seize the opportunity; that when Street comes back in five weeks, he'll go back to being a nobody. He suggests that this is what "you and me got right now." Matt wonders, "You and me? What do you have to do with it?" and then tells Landry it wouldn't be right to get all excited over all the QB1 hoopla with Street just "layin' there in the hospital." Heh. I love his ineloquent description of Street "just layin' there."

Back at the pep rally being held in Smash's fast food booth (not to be confused with the pep rally being held in his pants, or the pep rally being held in Riggs's make-up case), Smash has gotten a crowd of hangers-on to call and response with him, asking them if they think he leads the team -- "Yeah!" -- then telling them to just "get behind Smash and we won't miss a beat, baby!" Meanwhile, Tim Riggins has hulked out of his booth and lurched over to Smash's booth, despite Tyra's protestations. Smash pauses to say what's up, and then Tim commands Smash to get up because he's sitting in Street's booth. Smash tells him to give it up and then says, "Why don't you go home and sleep it off, man." Oooh, burn. Tim pauses, and his sheer presence seems to reply, "Why don't you gaze upon me in awe?" The camera shows Matt at the counter and Tyra in her booth sort of cringing when Smash makes the drunk remark. Tim stays silent for an intense minute and then says, "You're right," surprising the hell out of Smash. "You guys enjoy the rest of your evening, okay?" He turns to leave. But first, let me observe that the boy has the most beautiful lips, just like Clara Bow. I can't tell, when I'm looking at him, if I'm a lusty woman, a gay man, or an art historian. As Tim walks away -- and I'm sort of undecided whether he really was being sincere in his attempt to rise above the probable fight -- Smash calls after him, "Hey, smile, Riggs. God don't like ugly," which, come on, man, you already got one over on him already. Tim turns on a dime and wings a glass right above Smash's head, which shatters and freaks everybody out. Tyra scrambles to leave with Tim, while Smash's personal pep rally holds him back from going after Tim. Tim just walks out with a lovely gleam in his eye. He really does just like to hurt people.

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