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Commercials. Tuesday. Er, I think I missed Monday, sorry. Tami's on the phone at home, watering an enormous aloe plant and promising to help out to support some cause or another. Julie looks on and smirks. We follow Tami walking out the sliding glass door and see Coach Taylor outside, frustratedly trying to fix an air-conditioning unit. Ah, this is what's with all the sweating inside. Somehow, Tami's "helping" has turned into her agreeing to make 200 Rice Krispie treats, "And yes, I also prefer them with the M&Ms in." I want to be scornful, but I can't think of one cause that couldn't be bettered by 200 Rice Krispie treats. Tami's chest is quite buoyant. She trills out a southern, "Byyyeee!" as she hangs up the phone. The second she hangs up, the timbre of her voice plummets as she tells her husband, "I swear...I went to that book club meeting last night, I'm on twelve committees now." Julie calls out a "told you" from the couch. Does this girl do anything other than read? I think this is taking "bookishness" to an extreme. Or maybe her contract has something in it that precludes her standing up.

Coach Taylor is a big ball of sweaty furrowing as he tells his wife she was right, "AC's broken." She calmly asks, "Sugar? I think it's time I get a job. I mean, we talked about it, right?" He asks her if she wants to do it now, and she says yes. He runs his hands through his magnificent head of hair, takes a sip of water, and she tells him it's "nothing you need to worry about." Wow, where men are men, women are women, and women are men, too, don't worry your little head about it. Oh, I jest. I think Tami Taylor is one hell of a woman; sure, she isn't out to explode gender stereotypes, but sometimes simply being awesome at what you are is enough.

Alert! Alert! Applebee's drive-by! There's been some media murmuring about this "product placement" -- and the consensus has been that it's seamless -- and I agree, but I can't even see the point of murmuring about it, because what television show set in suburban or rural America can-NOT have its characters eating in chain restaurants? Perhaps a sad truth, but one certainly mitigated by unlimited breadsticks. Anyway, the awesome thing about this Crapplebee's is that this is apparently where the Lady Mayor holds her business lunches. Coach Taylor sits at a long table full of boosters and listens to Lady Mayor take a hunk of this scene and gnaw through it, secure in the knowledge that she used Polident that morning.

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