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Lady Mayor winds up her treatise on their ground game by opening up the floor to Saracen-bashing, which the table takes to readily. Another guy brings up that Matt closed his eyes when he threw that pass last week. From the end of the table, Buddy Garrity sweats and good-ol'-boys all over the place, telling the table to ease off the football wisdom and "let Eric finish his riblets." Oh, lord. Riblets. Spoon, mouth, gag. Taylor wipes his mouth (he's wearing his hat at the table, BTW), and tells the table that he listens to all their advice, and thanks them for the lunch: "Fantastic meal, fantastic meal." In this scene, Taylor draws upon what are obviously vast reserves of patience and restraint.

Back out at practice, Matt throws yet another interception. The assistant coach suggests to Taylor that they focus on their ground game, because if Matt has too much to think about, he'll fall apart. Taylor thanks him for the advice and then says, "I'll run practice today." Buddy Garrity looks on, shot in profile. Man, has he got one Gonzo-y nose. Next play, Matt hands off to Smash, who gets creamed. Smash gets up, mouthing off at Riggs about not blocking well enough. Riggs gets in his face, pointing a finger into his helmet, yelling that Smash's not running fast enough, that he needs to get behind his blocks. They start screaming at each other unintelligibly and then shoving. I love this scene because it's quite a lame little shout-fight, but the assistant coach gets in between them at one moment and his clipboard and papers go flying. His clipboard and papers! TOTAL CHAOS! Not the clipboard and papers! They finally get Smash and Riggs separated, Smash yelling something about "South Side Dillon represent!" Meanwhile, Buddy Garrity and company start filing out of the bleachers in disgust. Coach Taylor looks up at them and sighs.

Back at the diner, Tyra is walking out as Smash walks in. Tyra is all clangy earrings and boobs. There I said it. She is ALL boobs. I love it. Smash tells her her boyfriend is a piece of work. She tells him he's not her boyfriend at the moment and then sort of sashays her hot ass across the parking lot.

Over in the projects, a large black woman in nurse's scrubs carries a bag of groceries toward her apartment, followed by two daughters. She yells at one to get the rest of the groceries, she knows she isn't supposed to stress her back. The line comes off too much like it's cut-and-pasted from The Big Book of Black Stereotypes. The young girl complains that "Brian never has to do anything!" and as the mother approaches the door, she yells toward the apartment at Brian to "turn that junk down!", meaning the hip-hop issuing pretty loudly from inside. She opens the door and GASP! close shot of Tyra and Smash doing some serious making out, Tyra's mouth all "yeah, baby" as he works on her neck. SmashMomma doesn't miss a beat: "You lost your mind?" and the two scramble up. Smash is shirtless, Tyra's miraculously got all her clothes on. Tyra, as she's straightening herself -- and this is sort of brilliantly disgusting -- picks something off her tongue (a hair? couch lint?). It's a gesture that just NAILS the abjectness of a hook-up like this one. Tyra glances at SmashMomma: "You must be Mrs. Williams." Wow, is she irreverent. SmashMomma is like "mmm hhmm" and then turns to Smash: "Messin' with white girls. After gettin' in a fight at practice!" Smash just rubs his forehead while his mom takes Tyra outside.

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