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They get outside in the glaring and incredibly hot-seeming late afternoon light, and SmashMomma asks Tyra if she's trying to get back at Tim Riggins. Tyra smart-mouths, "You a shrink?" and SmashMomma tells her she'd best be nice: "I work at Planned Parenthood, you probably haven't seen the last of me." Tyra doesn't take this real well: "Hey, I know how to use protection, I'm not some piece of trash." SmashMomma, "Oh, yeah, you a class act all the way." And I am just transcribing the dialogue from this scene because it ROCKS. Tyra asks her what that's supposed to mean, as she sort of presumptuously opens the door to get into SmashMomma's sedan, like she'll get a ride home. SmashMomma replies, "It means you're safe to walk from here." Right on. God, so much crazy shit rolled up in that comment -- SmashMomma realizing that part of what this white girl is after is danger, danger that she thinks comes along with black skin and limited income.

We cut from our seminar on gender, race, and class over to our seminar in CRYING. Street, upper lip pulled back over his teeth because of the angle at which he lies, tries desperately to pick up a pencil on the table next to him. He can lift his arm a bit, but has very little control over the finer motor control you need to grasp something, and the pencil goes clattering to the floor. Coach Taylor comes in, and before we get to the crying, can we discuss Kyle Chandler's hair? How do they get his hair to so perfectly resemble hair that's lived through a hard day? I swear, in every scene, his hair is emoting, vying for an Emmy. When he's frustrated with the A/C, his hair is all, "I could NOT care less, man," when he's at the car dealership opening, his hair is all "Ciao!!" and here, his hair is all looking like your eyes feel after you have a good cry. I fear I am letting you all a little too far into my psyche. Let's proceed.

The camera pulls back a bit to show the two men greet one another awkwardly. Jason weakly jokes, when asked how he feels, that he doesn't really feel too much. That is some serious gallows humor. Coach Taylor gives him a football that all the guys signed. Jason jokes about when Riggins learned how to sign his name. Taylor pauses, rubs his eyes, Explosions in the Sky starts up on the soundtrack, and I AM SUCH AN EASY TARGET! What if this is just a Pavlovian experiment where they are trying to inculcate the masses to cry on command when presented a certain combination of factors, these being: Kyle Chandler, Texas landscapes, the prospect of wasted youth, and instrumental indie rock. They'll say it somehow helps fight terrorism, but really we know it's just to get us to buy more shit.

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