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We open out in the back of Vince's apartment complex, where a bunch of neighbors have gathered in the shade to watch the Friday Football Roundup on TV. Ornette is bragging, everyone is drinking tea and snacking and generally in good spirits. An interview with Vince gets broadcast, and we hear him talk about "I" "I" "I"-- he stepped up as quarterback, he didn't take the summer off, Vincey Vince Vince. As his family and neighbors erupt in high fives and hugs after it's over, Jess holds back and looks subdued. Vince asks her what's up and she points out that he didn't talk about anyone but himself, no mention of the team. Vince lies that he did, but they just cut that material out. Jess calls him out on the lie, noting that the interview wasn't cut at all. Ornette jumps in and tells Vince that he's the star, after all. More high fives and Jess excuses herself.

Luke and Becky lie on his bed making out. Becky keeps interrupting, sure she hears his parents coming home. He assures her that they are gone for the entire day. Probably working on their Teen Abstinence Inspiration Boards or something equally as useful. She tries to get back into the make-out session but finally gets up, puts her boots back on to compliment her jean shorts (BEST LOOK EVER, NOT JOKING), tells him she can't do this and leaves.

The Taylors are gathered in their living room, Tami and Eric trying to put together a little plastic tricycle for Gracie. The doorbell rings and Julie gets up to get it while her parents keep bickering sweetly about trike assembly. Julie opens the door to find....Head T.A. Derek Bishop! He stammers while she tells him he has to leave. We hear Coach in the background asking who it is, as Julie really urges the doofus to leave. But as Eric approaches, Head T.A. Derek Bishop takes a different tack: "Hi Mr., I mean Coach Taylor. My name is Derek, I taught your daughter at Burleson." I mean, what is he trying to accomplish here? No time to consider that further because Coach Taylor just walks straight at the weaselly guy, shoulders square, and basically just drives him backward into his car with the force of enraged fatherhood, continually muttering in a low, frightening register, "You better get out of here right now," while Derek scrambles. Tami and Julie ask Coach to stop. Derek makes it to his car, while Coach begins wielding the piece of pink and white plastic tricycle he happens to have in his hand. Coach whacks the top of Derek's car with it a few times and then, as he peels out, smashes one of the car's taillights. And luckily we now cut to credits because I know I, for one, need a minute to cool down after getting so much uncut Hot Dad in that scene.

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Friday Night Lights




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