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Credits. Lions locker room. Hastings interviews Luke using a water bottle as a microphone. Amateur stuff when compared to Tim Riggins interviewing a puppy with a beer can. Luke pretends to be Vince, kissing his biceps, and then explaining how he "threw the ball to myself, I caught it in the end zone, and then I kicked the extra point with my gold-plated schlong." Everyone laughs, and Hastings moves over to Jess asking her what it's like to date the most interesting man alive. She tells them to cut it out. Hastings jokily asks whether it's true that Vince discovered a new planet. Meanwhile, Vince has walked in and overhears what's going on. His face registers some ambivalence, but he quickly wipes it away and tries to laugh off his team's laughing off of him. He brags about himself further, hoping to neutralize the situation by being even more self-aggrandizing, but the team just sort of ignores him and heads out to practice. Jess watches him sadly, and Vince's face falls as he watches himself get ignored.

Fight in the hallway! Epyck and Porn Mouth are at their hair-tearing best until Principal Levi and Tami separate them. Cut to Tami's office where she lectures Epyck that she has to stop fighting. Epyck complains that "she started it" but Tami isn't hearing it. "It doesn't matter who starts it, you gotta stop it." She tells Epyck that she's on her side, but Epyck has to help out. Epyck sighs and asks Tami if she's going to finish her sandwich. The specter of abusive starvation: one way to change the subject.

Out on the football field, we get a shot of Billy straight on, leading the players lined up behind him in that Maori war dance/chant that you may remember from important things I have recapped such as Season 17 (ha!) of The Real World-Road Rules Challenge. Coach and Crowley look on in semi-disgust. I know, Coach. I should not waste my time watching that show. But....I love it so!! Like, this one time? CT punched a cactus! And another time? CT almost actually literally killed someone on national television! Crowley calls Billy over and reminds him that they only have 30 minutes slotted for defense. Billy explains how awesome this war dance is at psyching out the other team, but Crowley won't hear it. "Defense is discipline. Enough with the dance practice." Meanwhile, the boys are all riled up in the background, dancing and chanting and such. That is, until someone goes down on the field with a shout of pain. It's Buddy, Jr. and no one knows what happened to him, only that his left leg seems effed.

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Friday Night Lights




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