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Cut to the outside of the hospital, where Buddy harangues his son-- who is on crutches sitting on a bench-- with questions about his hairline fracture. What is with this "Samoan war dance"? "Do they even play football in Samoa?" What was Billy Riggins thinking? Buddy Jr. just sort of sighs. Buddy sits down next to him and bemoans, "We're sitting here in the middle of an undefeated season and you weren't even playing football!" When Buddy, Jr. responds with a despairing, "I know, dad, I know" Buddy realizes that his son has come around on this whole football thing, that he was starting to feel a part of something, and that now that's been taken away. And that the troubled Buddy, Jr. recognizes how much this sucks. Buddy finally goes quiet, and puts an arm around his son.

Tami is in her office when Head T.A. Derek Bishop comes in. She pops up and immediately tries to tell him that she doesn't think she's going to be able to see him. He apologizes and she tells him that he should leave. He tells her that he's resigned and she simply says, "Good." He tells her he wants to try to get Julie back to school and she nibbles the bait a bit: "How're you going to do that?" He smarms some about how he couldn't live with himself if he was the reason she dropped out of college. He wants to make it right. Tami: "You can't." He tells her that if he could just talk to Julie, he could convince her. Tami tells him that she appreciates him coming by and just instructs him to leave with her eyes.

Playgirl Ranch. Mindy comes into the living room, where two of her stripper friends are hanging out and Becky is sitting at the kitchen counter. Mindy declares that there IS a Lord because her sweet, sweet baby sleeps for two hours everyday, giving her "Momma Mindy Time." The strippers all clink their margarita glasses. Mindy asks Becky what she's doing and Becky tells her that she's deciding about doing a pageant. They all slightly tease the girl about the pageant business. "Does she get a tiara when she wins that thing? I mean, I swear!" Becky confirms that beauty queens win tiaras, and then adds that they also win money and cars. The strippers all coo and exclaim. Mindy declares that they are going to do this beauty pageant. When Becky mentions that this one is in Wichita Falls, they pause for a beat before Mindy yelps, "Road trip!" and more clinking of glasses. To Wong Foo!

Vince and his father talk with a shady guy from Oklahoma Tech in that same diner where Tami tried to distract the superintendent with her flowing locks and low-cut halter top. The OT guy has invited Vince to campus, and Vince wants to know whether that's against the rules. He says no, as long as it isn't an "official visit," which this wouldn't be. He just wants Vince to fall in love with the school, and also wants Vince to know that he's OT's football team's number one prospect. Vince and Ornette exchange wowed glances and these guys are just like fish in a barrel for these shady-ass football boosters.

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