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The Taylor women are in the kitchen. Tami tells Julie that Derek came to her office. Julie asks what he said and her mother tells her that doesn't matter: "End it." She needs Julie to do whatever it is she needs to do to put this whole situation behind her. Julie sighs.

Over at Oklahoma Tech, Vince and Ornette sit in an office gleaming with polished wood. Their trusty "friend" walks in and apologizes for keeping them waiting, and then introduces them to two leggy girls who will escort them around campus. They are "unofficial tour guides for your unofficial tour." Chiddy Bang's "Opposite of Adults" plays as Vince and Ornette get the "unofficial tour" of the facilities--fancy looking buildings and multiple pools more suited to Las Vegas than a college campus. I mean, I know I've been out of college for a while but....pools? For hanging out next to? Is that a thing at college now? Anyhow, the whole thing looks like an exercise-facility-obsessed hip hop video. Ornette ogles a couple of coeds as they walk by in their bikinis and quips to their host, "I should have gone to college."

Back at East Dillon, Luke finds Becky at her locker. He asks her to go to a party at Tinker's with him, but she tells him that she can't, she's watching Stevie tonight for Mindy. Luke sighs and then Mr. Open Book tells her for the hundredth time that he really, really likes her (like really, really) and that when she's ready to go out, she should call him. As he's walking away: "Or, just email me. Or send me a post card in the post office or whatever. Carrier pigeons."

Cut over to The Landing Strip, the most modest strip club in America, where all the strippers where bikini tops and little skirts. Mindy makes her way backstage where Becky is getting some mirrors sewn onto her neon pink gown by one of the Crack Stripper Pageant Team. Becky wonders if it's all a bit much, but gets no critique of bling from these girls. They ask her whether her "boyfriend" is going to be at the pageant, and Mindy editorializes that "Y'all, he's hoooot." One of the girls tells Becky that if she wins, she has to sneak into his room wearing nothing but her tiara. Mindy makes a face that at first implies she might get pearl-clutchy in defense of the honor of the girl she is caretaking, but that glimpse of stuffy maternity quickly dissipates as she says, "Hellll, yeah!" Becky just hangs her head at the suggestion and Mindy cocks her head, realizing that something is amiss. She asks what's wrong, and Becky--shot nicely, only half of her face showing from behind the gaggle of women fussing about her--confesses: "Luke and I have only have had sex once." All the woman rush to assure her that that's fine and it will get better, until Becky clarifies: "I got pregnant. And....I didn't keep it." They all sigh and coo at her as Becky's eyes fill up with tears and she tells them how much she likes him but how awkward and weird it is to try to be with him because every time she is, all she can think is "You're stupid, you're stupid, you lost your virginity in a truck." The Crack Team of Strippers latch onto this because, I mean write what you know, right? When Becky asks, "Who does that?" they all raise their hands and say that's exactly where it went down for them too. Becky, through tears, just says that she wishes she could start over. Mindy, voice cracking a bit, tells her to listen: "Life is going to throw a bunch of crap at you, but all you can do is just put it in the past and leave it there." And we have just enough time to think through how Tami Taylor isn't the only one giving loving support to young women in this town before one of the strippers quips, "Or you could just drink a lot" and the tension is broken. Man, some serious wisdom going down in the back room of The Landing Strip.

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