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Alone Together

Lions practice. Coach asks Jess on the sidelines whether she's seen Vince. She says no, that she thought he was sick but he didn't answer the phone when she called. Coach stares her down a bit. She's like "What?" and he just tells her that if she sees him, tell him to give her a call. Coach Taylor, if you don't stop looking through Jess, I am going to start to get really annoyed. On the bright side, I smell another lesson for Eric Taylor to learn!

Cut over to Vince doing the vaunted "walk out of the dark locker room into the gleaming sun-drenched football field" thing at Oklahoma Tech. He and his father ooh and aah as their host continues to smarm-sell them. The host's phone rings and we hear him say, "Yeah we're here" right before the OT team runs onto the field all around them. The host tells Ornette and Vince to stand there and not say anything, just listen, and then goes over to glad-hand the coach a bit. They have a fakey loud conversation with one another about this Vince Howard, "We like him, like him a whole lot." The staged conversation goes on, the coach saying that between Vince and another kid, whoever gives them a verbal agreement first will probably be running their offense in two years. Vince listens with the most naive grin on his face. Ornette turns to him and asks if this is all worth missing a day of school, and then they jostle and smile at each other as the host takes them off the field to continue their tour.

Commercials. Tami drives away from school when she spots Epyck mixing it up with some boys. Tami calls her over to the car, and yells at the boys, "Y'all boys, quit!" Epyck slouches in the car and then begs some more food off of Tami. Tami tells her that's it, she's going to go feed her. Cut over to them sitting in their car outside a fast food joint. Tami asks if she's getting fed at home, and Epyck tells her that she's in a foster home. Tami reminds her that she's supposed to be fed at a foster home. Epyck describes how there's just a lot of fighting and not quite enough to go around and the lady that takes care of them uses the money for herself. Basically a Fox News version of welfare. Epyck shrugs and says "You know what that's like" and Tami softly tells her that "No, I don't know what that's like," asking Epyck with that statement to consider that there is a world where this stuff doesn't happen. Tami offers to call Social Services and Epyck reacts swiftly. She doesn't want Tami to do that, she doesn't want to get shuffled around to another place that might be worse. "I can take care of myself." Tami tells her that she doesn't have to live like this, but Epyck pleads with her. If she gets moved, she'll move schools and "I won't get to see you any more." This appeal seals the deal for Tami.

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