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Vince goes on and on to Jess about how awesome his visit was. Pools, Jacuzzis, Xboxes, et cetera. Jess is pissed though, telling him she's glad that he had a good time, because she spent the whole day getting interrogated by Coach. Vince pauses for a minute but then races on, telling her that OT is going to give him an offer. Jess asks him to hold up, "Did you speak to the coach? Because that's against the rules!" and Vince gives her the whole "unofficial visit" spiel. He says that he's sorry he didn't tell her he was going--he just didn't want her to have to lie to Coach. To which Jess smartly replies, if all this is totally okay and "unofficial" then why all the lying? Vince tells her that all she needs to do is say congratulations. He kisses her and she looks up at him, clearly at a loss, muttering "Congratulations."

Julie and Head T.A. Derek Bishop are at a restaurant. He smarms about meeting her father the way he did and then tells her that he's quit his job and is going to go up to his family's cabin in Tennessee to finish his dissertation. She's quiet because, good lord, how boring and abject this man is, having his 30-year-old grad student crisis all up in her nubile 18-year-old face. Head T.A. Derek Bishop then launches his clammy face into telling her about how he thought that they had a real connection, and then--WORST OF ALL!-- that the older she gets, the more she'll realize how rare such a connection is. Julie has been RAISED RIGHT, though, because she gets angry here. Is he talking about the kind of connection he has with his wife? With the girls who came before her? She points out how humiliated she is over this whole thing until he breaks in and tells her that he's getting a divorce. And she is taken aback for a moment. "Because of me?" Head T.A. Derek Bishop says he doesn't know, just that he's not in love with his wife. He tells her to go back to school....and then hands her a piece of paper with his address in Tennessee on it. "If you ever need anything, my door is always open." She takes it, tears in her eyes, willing herself to not feel electricity coming off his hands. Oh, Julie. He's an ass and she knows it, but he appeals to her because he is older, seems (key word there) sophisticated and intellectual and free. And we understand everything about why she's doing what she's doing, while also seeing straight through this weak and manipulative man who is drawing this wonderful girl into his orbit of self-hatred and insecurity and smallness. So we want to tell her what to do. But we can't. We have to just wait and see.

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Friday Night Lights




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