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The next morning, Julie appears in her parents doorway as they sleep. She tells them that she's going back to school. She says that she talked to Derek, and she realized that she really belongs at school and is wasting her life here. And then apologizes for the "B.S." she put them through. Tami sits up and says that they are proud of her and Julie asks if she can make breakfast. Coach requests coffee and she turns and leaves. Coach: "When is she leaving?" which earns a small little admonishing "Honey!" from Tami, who looks into the sun, make-up free and gorgeous in the morning light.

Commercials. Coach catches Vince in the hallway, asking him how he's feeling, wondering if since he missed practice, he "damn well better be dying." Vince avoids his eyes and then launches into probably the worst, most hateful, most karmically-tempting lie ever: "It was my mom." He implies that his mother's drug problem is back and Coach is quick to reassure him, "You don't have to explain yourself." Vince can barely look at Coach when he tells him that if Vince needs anything, he should let someone know and as Vince leaves to get to class Coach looks after him, obviously not completely at ease with what just went down.

Tami walks up to a small white house and rings the bell. She introduces herself and gets invited in by a woman with a mass of strawberry blonde curls on her head. Inside the kitchen, the woman tells Tami that this isn't the first time Epyck has lied about her situation at home. She calls "kids!" in for lunch, and four young kids, about eight or nine years old, come running. She instructs them to eat their apples first and they do. And because I am conditioned by an obsession with nineteenth-century fiction (and also Annie) I am SO suspicious of this lady, even though she had no time to set up a big deception like this. Tami remarks that this isn't exactly what Epyck described. The foster mother says that Epyck can be sweet, but has had a hard life. Both parents died of AIDS, she lived on the streets, was abused, addicted. She deserves a lot of credit, but can be a handful. One of the boys spills his water and we get that hard-wired gasp because maybe now is when the whole charade will crumble! But no, the foster mother just calmly goes over to wipe it up. Tami asks if any older boys live there and the foster mother laughs and gestures to the kids, "These are the only boys here."

Vince knocks on Coach's office door. He's been called in. Coach asks him to sit. Then: "How's your mom doing?" Then: "Let me ask you something?" and turns his laptop around, asking Vince if he recognizes a photo: a picture of Vince and Ornette at OT with the caption "Howard Unofficially to OT?" Vince scrambles to explain, but he has used up his chances on this subject. Coach tells him that he's sure his father has Vince's best interests at heart, but he's driving them in the wrong direction. The "offer" or whatever it is, "I guarantee you is worth nothing." Vince asks what he wants him to do, his father is the only one looking out for him right now. Coach just calmly tells him that he's knocking on the wrong door, and he has nothing else to say on the matter.

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