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Alone Together

Over in Wichita Falls, Becky is in a dressing room full of moms and daughters and....strippers! They make her up and talk boobs and take pictures and sip from flasks and just generally have a great time.

Tami walks into an empty little diner and finds Epyck there, eating. Tami asks her why she lied and Epyck looks at her with slightly dead eyes. Tami tells her that she doesn't have to lie to her. "I actually like you." She asks Epyck to look at her, and she does, with slightly less dead eyes. Tami: "You're strong, you're smart, and you're feisty." She tells her that she has a future. Epyck tells Tami that she can't make a difference, she is who she is, but Tami begs to differ. Tami declares that she's going to try some soup and asks Epyck to not leave. She goes to the buffet and Epyck cranes to keep looking at her. She sort of smiles to herself.

The winners get announced at the beauty pageant and Becky only gets second runner-up. Out in the audience, her personal stripper fan club boos and boos at this news, garnering all kinds of judgey looks from the prissy moms. The lady who hands her her flowers tells her that she should "take a hard look at the company you keep." Becky screws up her face at the old blue-hair, and I hope she's thinking that the company of strippers is worth more than a Chrysler Sebring any day.

Lions practice, rainy afternoon. Ball gets snapped and they run a play. After Vince throws the ball, Luke keeps barreling towards him and tackles him. Coach runs over there shouting at Luke "What are you doin'? What are you doin'? You don't hit my quarterback when he's wearing that [red] shirt!" Luke meekly apologizes, but then runs back over toward Vince and they start mixing it up. Vince is pissed he got hit, and Luke demurs that they went over that play in practice yesterday, the practice that Vince missed. They start shoving and Coach pushes his hat a bit up on his head, giving his hair a little bit of breathing room, both of them exasperated and at wit's end over this problem with Vince.

Commercials. Richard Buckner's "Raze" plays as Julie wordlessly says goodbye once to her parents in the driveway. Eric's hair is skeptical and askew, but he hugs his daughter with deeply felt emotion. She pulls out of the driveway, and we head out onto the road with her. Fields, rivers, trees. She makes a call on speaker. "Hey, you're up early." Julie says she needs to know something. Did he come to Dillon just to get her to go back to school or to get her back? Head T.A. Derek Bishop answers: "The second thing." Julie says that's what she thought and we watch, horrified, as she turns the car around and starts going the other direction.

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Friday Night Lights




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