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Cut over to Tami just laying it all over the Gatling folks. She tells them that they have the best barbecue, and that they don't have anything that even comes close to it in Dillon, but that if they ever repeat that to anyone she will "deny, deny, deny." Buddy interrupts the conversation that willing and good-hearted people are having in order to get into the strong-arming he prefers. After calling the motel they are set to be in a "roach motel, flea bag," he demands that a wing in "the Remington" get set aside for them all. Mr. Gatling looks askance at Buddy and his demands, reminding Buddy that The Remington is a five-star hotel. Tami cuts in and puts it this way: the whole town of Dillon is going to come, and that means a lot of business for them. A call to the hotel explaining this might convince the hotel to bring the rates down. Everybody looks around the table, struck dumb by this brilliant suggestion. I would like to suggest, myself, that perhaps they are struck dumb by Tami's hotness because, frankly, that is some remedial marketing class shit she just spouted.

We cut to a long, long line of vehicles making their way down a two-lane Texas road. The police escort first, then the school bus, then dozens and dozens of cars. We cut inside one of the buses with the cheerleaders in it and see Lyla sitting apart from the rest of the girls, looking down in the mouth and like she may have some trouble mustering any "cheer" for the boys. The night progresses through the vehicular montage and the caravan arrives in Gatling in the dark. We see shots of black guys hanging out on urban-ish street corners, we cut to Coach Taylor's impassive gazing and then to Smash's equally inexpressive gaze. I'm confused as to what sort of town Gatling is supposed to be, but I sort of assume it's supposed to be a poor suburb of a more major metropolis like Houston or San Antonio, rather than a small town.

Cut back to Jason in the rehab center, hanging out in bed doing some arm strength exercises, when Tyra and her long, long legs wheel around the corner. She looks real pleasant and tells him that she figured since they're the only two left in town she thought she'd stop by with a movie. Bo-ring, we think. But Tyra is (with those long legs) two steps ahead of us; she says, "then I thought, hey, what the hell" as she reaches into her purse and pulls out a brown paper bag which has the distinct and quite beautiful look of a forty. Jason raises his eyebrows and says he's not doing anything else tonight. Tyra cocks her head, her hair tucked behind one ear and raises her own eyebrow: "Yeah?" I really like her style.

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