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The Williams and Silverios reunite over a backyard barbecue. Junior Silverio is truly enormous. Out back, the grill is smoking and everybody is shooting the shit. Smash is nostalgic for these barbecues in the 'hood; Junior quickly tells him about an old friend doing time for armed robbery. He says, "Seems like you, and me, are the only guys from the 'hood got a decent chance." This guy is like four times the size of Smash. In fact, I believe Smash might fit inside the enormous gap he has between his front two teeth. Meanwhile, Corrina talks with her friend, telling her about the old wounds that get opened when they come back there, which leads her to say that sometimes she doesn't even miss her dead husband, which leads her to remark on not missing wondering if and when he was coming home and night, which leads her to remark that she thinks they might be better off now that he's gone. She follows this train of thought despite warning looks coming from her friend and from Sheila. Corinna turns around and sees her son standing right behind her, hearing everything she just said. He huffs off.

The rehab center, turns out, is not so depressing when you've got a forty ounce of malt liquor and a game of quarters going. Jason gimps a quarter toward the cup and misses terribly. Tyra cackles drunkenly, telling him that his attempt was awful. Jason "Try, Try Again" Street goes for it once more and gets his quarter in. The two of them are having the best time, lots of tossing the head back in drunken laughter. Do I toss my head back a lot when I'm drunk? I don't know. I do know that I spend a lot of time screeching like a howler monkey when I'm drunk, though. Jason picks up the mug of beer and holds it toward Lyla. He slurs, "Here's to good friends in Texas. Texas forever." Tyra gives just as good, as she falsettos, "I'm the pefect Lyla Garrity. Gooo Panthers!" and then does some ladylike cheer claps in front of her face. The jokes hit a bit too close to home as they both go sort of quiet. Jason looks intense, "Do you think you'll ever forgive 'im?" She doesn't answer, but asks if he'll ever forgive Lyla. He doesn't answer and they cheers their glasses, Jason saying "Here's to real friends in Texas." Yes! Jason and Tyra! I am so there.

In Gatling, Corinna sits on the outdoor walkway outside what is presumably NOT The Remington but the Cheyenne Motel. Smash walks up behind her and she is thankful to see him. She tells him that she smoothed Smash's missed bed check over with Coach Taylor and asks where he went. He tells her that he went to the old house, apologizes, and wearily sits down with her. Now it's her turn to apologize. She asks what he remembers "about that night." Smash remembers that his dad was coming home late from work alone, and that some lady ran a red light. His mom says that he's got it partly right, but that he wasn't coming from work and he wasn't alone. She doesn't say who he was with, but the message is clear: ADULTEROR DESERVES TO DIE. Perhaps this is the main message of this episode? Lyla better watch her pretty back, then. Corinna tells her son that his father was not perfect, but she wants Smash to know how much she loved him. She says that the things she said tonight were stupid, and then tells Smash that his father would have been so proud of him. "There wasn't a person in the world your daddy couldn't charm. You go that from him." Hard inheritance, I think.

We cut over to the cemetery, where Smash finds his father's headstone. Michael Williams, born March 1954, died October 1999. Smash kneels quietly before the stone and briefly breaks into tears.

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