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Game night. This game is shot in a slightly more grainy manner than the games usually are. I wonder if it's meant to replicate the perhaps more shoddy field at the poorer school, or if it's just a few cut corners on production. In either case, the stadium is packed and rollicking, the cheerleaders and cute, and Junior Silverio is huge and talking shit to the tiny Matt Saracen on the field. One of the Gatling Eagles shoves a Panther and a brief scuffle breaks out, the crowd's smiles turning to scowls. Coach gives his boys a talking to, telling them that they've got to play smart, and then calling Smash into the center of the huddle and asking him to "take 'em out." Smash gets in there, preacher man in his glory, and testifies, "This ain't their house, this is my house! My field. My blood is in this house. They want to live the pain? We give 'em pain. We're takin' this house back tonight!"

Cut to game play, Slammin' Sammy expositing that this is the fourth quarter, and the teams are deadlocked, "a defensive battle." Shots of all the Dillon folks we know and love as we hear that Saracen has been contained, Smash hasn't been able to do anything, and Tim Riggins has been "beaten like an old rug." We see one play, a handoff to Smash who gets laid out by Silverio. Another play, another hard hit on Smash. Tami, in the stands, twists her face into a humerous grimace. The Panthers, butted up against their own endzone, try one more handoff, this time to Riggins, who gets tackled for the safety. Gatling up two points. Riggins is down and hurt and escorted off the field by Smash.

Cut to Lyla who looks out onto the field while we hear some girl voices "Hey slut, Riggins is over here!" "Oh, Riggins, are you okay?" they singsong. Lyla turns her head toward them. In the stands, her parents overhear the taunts and look concerned. One of the girls yells out, "Hey, Lyla, does Riggins prefer boxers or briefs?" Lyla turns toward the girls and gives them a look. A girl takes a bottle and throws water toward Lyla down on the track. This is too much for Buddy; he needs to know what's going on, and when Lyla walks off the track, gorgeous posture and swinging ponytail, Buddy tells his wife that he's going to handle this one. And in the fourth quarter? Call Bill Cosby, I think we've got a model father here!

Buddy walks around under the bleachers and finds Lyla crying. She turns her face from her father, who asks her what is going on. She confesses, "I lost Jason," and then pauses when he doesn't understand. "I was unfaithful, Daddy." Wow. This is not something I would ever confess to my father. I would make up a story, any story, to avoid talking about sex with my dad. Buddy, who we are supposed to be warming up to, but who I can't forget is A COMPLETE RAGING RACIST, is admirably non-reactionary at this frank sexual confession from his little girl. He tells her that "we all make mistakes, and we grow up. But you're my little girl. You're my daughter. I want you to always remember that." She finally turns toward her dad and notices that he's never left a game before. Buddy surprises us all by saying "It's only a game. You're my daughter." Okay, let me check in with my cold, black heart. Cold, black heart? Are you warmed? No? Okay, good. End scene.

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