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Secrets Will Out

Back on the field, Coach coaches in a twangy manner, sends his boys back on the field. He calls Riggins, who's hurting on the bench, and asks if he's got "one more" in him. Riggins says he does and limps back out. Slammin' Sammy choruses, "He is really digging deep and showing his teammates what he's made of." Out on the field, The Galoot mouthbreathes, "Way to tough it out, Rig," and it seems the puritanical sexual policing part of the narrative has reached its closure, as it should, with boys lustily running their bodies into one another to help them forget the bad things girls make them do. The hymn from the first scene at Smash's church plays as the final play starts in slow motion which signals that success, it is immanent. Matt gets the ball to Smash, then Riggins, who's been reintegrated in the manly world of jock straps and butt slaps, comes through with a big block, and Smash runs it for a touchdown, Panthers win!

Everybody starts freaking out, but none more cutely than Matt Saracen, who's just hopping up and down like a little bunny. A very manly little bunny. Julie runs onto the field, clapping and beaming, and straight up to Matt who just goes for it and kisses her on the mouth, and just like the Sandman moment was the creepiest sweet thing I've ever seen, I think that that kiss was just the hottest sweet thing I've ever seen. Julie backs up and tells him she has to go, but it isn't in a bad way, and he looks after her, amazed at his own awesome cuteness. Cut to Tami in the stands who just sort of rolls her eyes at it all, and then down onto the field where Coach asks Riggins how his shoulder is. Riggins tells him he'll live (his only line of the whole episode), and Coach responds "Yeah you will," and in that moment I find it difficult to believe that Kyle Chandler is not this man named Eric Taylor. Everything about his bearing, his styling, his delivery, he is living this character.

Smash makes his way into the crowd to hug his moms, telling her "Let's go home, momma, let's go home." He reaches out to hug Sheila, who looks at him with slightly less admiration than everyone else has for him and although all the secrets are out for everyone else, she has a heavy one to keep now.

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