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Uninspiring credits. Slammin' Sammy Mead Greek choruses about the upcoming game against Gatling. A caller logs his anxiety about the road game, making a veiled comment that going over there is like "going to another planet, you know what I'm sayin'." Yeah, I do. Like Brother From Another Planet, other planet wink, wink? We cut around town, the Panther coaches sipping coffee and dryboarding plays, kids crowded in school hallways, and then to the Williams household just as the caller finishes jerking about Gatling, "it's inner city, it's tough, it's the 'hood, and that Junior Silverio makes that defense brutal." Slammin' Sammy continues expositing for us: as Smash polishes his cleats we learn that he grew up in Gatling and that Silverio is Smash's childhood rival. Corrina comes in and yells at her son to get his cleats off the table. Smash doesn't like how all they're talking about on the radio is Junior. His mom tells him to not mind the talk, to do his talking on the field. The Williams sisters -- were there always two, or did the older one get added this episode? -- ask their mother if they can stay the night in Gatling and look up old friends, go see the old house. Corrina snaps that they aren't going to fool around, they're going to watch Smash play. Smash asks if they "can go see Dad" and everyone sort of stops for a moment and looks shocked until Corrina snaps again, "We're not going to no cemetery."

At the Taylors, Tami has decided to go with "boobalicious" this morning. I do believe this woman has decided to bring sexy back. She puts on her jacket and tells her husband that Julie is talking to Matt Saracen right now. In the morning? Before school? I will never understand all these shows that have characters actually getting anything done besides spilling coffee on themselves before 9 a.m. Tami says this whole situation is "becoming a thing" and then elaborates, "it's that thing that we always knew would happen to our little girl, its that thing, its that thing." So cute. That thing. Coach is just happy she's not interested "in a serial killer...or one of the Rigginses."

Speak of the (handsome) devil, Tim Riggins sits in his truck in the school parking lot. He glances in the rear view mirror and we see his bruised face. But we? We look past it to see his bruised soul. Hot, but damaged. WE LOVE IT.

Inside the locker room, it looks stinky. FNL is certainly one argument against smell-o-vision, the other being, of course, Deadwood. Some red-headed galoot walks up to Saracen and asks him what he's going to do about Riggins. Matt is, not suprisingly, laconic, "What do you want me to do?" he drawls. The Galoot is giving off some wicked Wes Bergmann vibes. With his red hair and mottled skin, and worm-lipped mucklemouth. "Why do you know the full name of a two-bit reality ghetto person," you ask? In response I shout "Julie Stoffer!" and then collapse on the ground, a weeping heap. The Galoot reminds Matt that he's team captain and needs to step up and be a leader. I didn't realize that part of the Football Team Captain's duties was to oversee Ye Olde Adultery Pillory.

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