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Secrets Will Out

Meanwhile, Tim has come in to the tune of some delicately-plucked guitar strings. The locker room goes quiet, as all the boys watch Tim go to his locker, see a photo of him and Jason taped up on the outside of it (it's unclear whether this predated the scandal, or if someone taped it there as a cruel joke), gaze at it for a while, pick it off, fold it in half. All without saying anything.

The soundtrack swells as we cut over to the highschool, where Lyla walks quickly down the hallway, clearly trying to avoid talking with anyone as well. We hear Tyra's voice bark out "Garrity! Garrity!" as Tyra rushes up and catches Lyla. Our Beautiful Giantess spins Lyla around and pumps her for information about why Jason punched Tim out. Lyla sweetly demurs. Tyra says "The rumors are flying just so you know," and Lyla assures Tyra that the rumors probably aren't true. As Lyla tries to leave, Tyra restrains her with a hand to the forearm and looks down at the tired little princess, "Look, I know you an' Tim've been spendin' a lot a time together," and Lyla just stutters that she has class and turns to go. She's wearing this really grandmotherly cardigan over a dress, and I am really feeling for her. Her espadrilles are distressed! Her hair is flat and with barely any volume!

For some reason, elsewhere in the school, Tami and her husband are standing and talking with Lady Mayor, who gums away about "the hotel situation" in Gatling. Apparently, they've only arranged to set aside rooms in the Cheyenne Motel (Lady Mayor says the word "motel" like it's a piece of barbecue stuck in her dentures) for everyone traveling from Dillon. She clarifies, "At the risk of sounding like a snob, I don't want to get shot in a drive-by this weekend!" The camera pans in on Tami's face which looks confused and horrified, then over to Coach who smoothly laughs at Lady Mayor's unfunny joke, and then back to Tami who has taken a cue from her husband and has put a smile on her face, but in a far less convincing manner than her husband's. Lady Mayor exposits that there's a meeting set up to work the problem through, but that she can't attend. She's worried that left in Buddy Garrity's hands, the situation could spin out of control. Especially without her there to be "the yin to his yang." Heh. Lady Mayor acts like it's a sudden brainstorm, but you know she calculated the whole thing while drinking her prune juice that morning, and she tells Tami she'd be perfect for the job. Tami stutters, "You want me to be Buddy's yang?" Lady Mayor is quick, "Yin, actually," and then talks over Tami's protestations as if it's all settled. As she's almost out the door, Lady Mayor tells Tami to wear something pretty, " know..." gesturing with her hands to indicate something low-cut. Seems like Lady Mayor wants to bring the sexy back as well. Coach hightails it out of the room with his wife comically following, fluttering about not knowing what the hell she just got roped into.

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