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Cafeteria. Julie's mousy friend is incredulous that Julie is going to date a football player. Julie says "he's not a football player, he's Matt." Aw. Julie swears Matt doesn't buy into the whole football god thing, but her friend tells her that people change when they get on the team. Julie tells her friend that she's jaded and then ascends into the heavens to become Queen of Incredible Hair, in the Fairy Land of Cupcakes and Frosting.

Landry's taken Matt Saracen to the Salvation Army to shop for an outfit for his date.

(Excuse the paragraph break, I just died from cuteness and had to be revived). Landry's idea is spot-on as I basically buy half of each year's wardrobe at the Good Will in Dallas when I go visit my inlaws for holidays. It seems that Dallas never got the "thrifting" memo, and so the shops there are full of gorgeous Gunne Sax blouses, drop-shouldered eighties sweaters, and vintage Jordache jeans. It's all quite unlike the thrift stores in the city here in Chicago, which have been so picked over, all that's left is pilly, faded black jersey from The Limited circa 1997, and smelly fleece blankets emblazoned with regal lions. So Landry lectures Matt that his date is not just a date but "a pre-release party." He clarifies that the team is just .500 right now, but when they beat Gatling this weekend, Matt'll have instant rock star status. Nice extended music industry metaphor there, kid. Matt complains that all the clothes are older than they are. Landry schools him, "It's called retro. Chicks dig it."

Matt underenunciates a zinger about Landry being such an expert about girls, his last one being a girl named Emily in the fifth grade. Landry pauses and looks at him intently and tells him he doesn't have to get personal, that Matt knows the fifth grade break-up still hurts. I love him. Matt asks about a shirt, and Landry vetoes it, saying that "Matt Saracen would wear that. Julie Taylor is about to go out with her first football player. She doesn't want the man, she wants the myth." I love how fabulously off-the-mark Landry always is. Except, of course, in his fashion advice, as he holds up a jacket against Matt's chest, "Can you say 'Member's Only'?" Perfection.

Out on the field, Coach Taylor is all blah blah blah gamecakes at the players. He lectures them about having to shut down Silverio to shut down their defense and then riles them up with some "Let's go! Let's go!" man-shouting.

Depressingly Realistic Rehab Facility. The Galoot and some other guys walk in to see Jason, who's lying in bed. They all fist bump and then The Galoot mouth breathes his way through the scene, telling Jason that they don't let anyone hit their quarterback. They're the offensive line, get it? The O-Line. Suspiciously similar to O-Town, no? Coincidence? I'm not so sure. Perhaps we might hold out hope that the O-Line, too, wants to bring sexy back, and will do so by breaking into some Darrin's Dance Grooves, while rapping about always having their boi'z back. Jason clarifies that Riggins didn't hit him, that it was the other way around. He asks them not to make anything of it. The Galoot has been watching a few too many episodes of Columbo and so starts putting together some facts: "Where are all your pictures?" And then, "The nurse said we're your first visitors today. Where's Lyla?" leading him to the beady-eyed conclusion, "Riggins and Lyla?" Jason, meanwhile, writhes his head around his pillow, obviously all he wants in the world is for this thick-necked turkey to get out of his room. But The Galoot will not be de-galootified. He tells Jason that "me and the guys always got your back. We're gonna take care of this, man."

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