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The next day, outside school, Matt and Landry discuss the latter staying with Matt's grandmother while he goes out at night. Matt says he'll give Landry Julie's number (Continuity! No money in the Saracen household for cell phones) and assures Landry that his grandmother doesn't need taking care of, she just doesn't like the idea of being alone at night. Landry reminds Matt that he's not too excited about being alone with her himself. Continuity some more! Matt sighs, "LANDRY. My grandma is not a witch. Okay? She's not." Coach comes out, greets "Lance" and asks Matt if he can talk to him. Landry corrects him, "It's 'Landry,'" but Coach could not care less. He pulls Matt aside and brings up "the big date tonight." Matt stutters about having her home early, to which Coach is like "Duh. Of course you will." But that's all just Coach fucking with Matt, he really wants to know what's going on with Tim. Matt asks what he means, and Coach replies "I have eyes, I want to know what's going on out there." Matt says he doesn't feel it's his place to say anything. Coach appreciates his allegiance to his teammates but says Matt also needs to be team leader and let him know of anything that might affect their playing. Matt hems and haws until Coach just snaps at him to "spit it out!" It comes out that Tim is rumored to have hooked up with Lyla. Coach takes the information in impassively and then turns to leave, "Have a good time at the movies." He pauses to turn and point his hand at Matt's chest, "Hey. My daughter and I talk a lot."

Williams household, everyone around the dinner table. Corinna says they've been invited to a barbecue the night before the game in Gatling. Noannie can't believe that her mom is going to put Brian and Junior in the same room. Her mom explains that they're only enemies on the field, that the Silverios are some of their best friends. Smash wonders aloud why she moved them away from them, then. She says it was because Dillon is safer. Smash snarks, "and whiter, too" and then asks if she moved them away from Gatling to get them out of the ghetto or to get them away from dad. Who was dead when they moved, so there's nothing particularly wrong or unusual about moving away from a dead man's memory, or the memory of his death? I guess we can chalk Smash's accusatory tone up to teenager logic. Or, steroidal, daddy-less, world-on-his-shoulders teenager logic. Corinna takes Smash's comment overly hard and tells him to shut his mouth. Smash says, quite reasonably for a fatherless, steroidal, world-on-his-shoulders, fast-talking charm machine, that he thinks they should all talk about it, about why they moved. She won't hear it, though, and orders him to take his mouth and his plate "and get away from my table." I sort of can't wait to have kids so I can do things like order them away from "my table."

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