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And now for the scene we've all been waiting for. Matt rings the Taylor's doorbell, while Coach Taylor tries to forget that this kid is going to be trying to ring his daughter's doorbell a little later that night. Coach opens the door, and Matt can barely say hello before Coach asks him, incredulously, "Is that a Member's Only jacket?" The implication that Matt is just flaunting times-gone-by in Coach's face goes right over the boy's head. Tami walks up and warmly welcomes the poor kid just before Julie rounds the corner of the hallway in the most sweetly awkward sexpot outfit ever before seen on television. She's wearing a tropical print red slinky sundress that her mom probably bought for her to wear with flip-flops on a beach vacation, but she's paired it with four-inch high red patent fuck-me pumps, which her mom must have bought for her in the middle of a tequila-induced blackout. She has a coltish gait in the shoes, all loping legs and casual posture. Coach quickly and authoritatively says, "Nuh unh" even as Matt tells her she looks real nice, she thanks him, and Tami trills above all of them, "Okay! I'm just gonna talk to little Jules here." Matt is staring at Julie like she's a Playstation 3 and he can't wait to play her later. Her mom puts an arm around her daughter's waist and ushers her back to her room. Coach pointedly suggests to Matt -- who is practically drooling, staring after Julie -- "Why don't you take off your Member's Only jacket and hang it on the coat rack." He has to repeat himself to get Matt's attention,

Meanwhile, Tami's telling Julie that the outfit she's in is not the one they agreed on. Julie protests, "But this is what people wear on dates, not that other dress." The camera ranges down to her fuck-me pumps, and Tami responds, "I know. But baby this is not what you wear on dates, and you can't even walk in those shoes." Tami tells her daughter to "come on," then pauses, "I love you. Come on." The camera cuts back to the background where Coach has finally gotten Matt's attention and decides to have some more fun at the kid's expense: "Want a beer?" Matt, probably thinking he's passing some sort of test by saying no thank you, mumbles about having to drive. Coach responds, the snark just dripping off the line, "I was joking."

Matt and Julie stand outside the movie theater in line for tickets to Eragon, which is an appropriate date movie for these two fantastically cute creatures of woodland cutedom. Also, the actor who played Billingsley in the Friday Night Lights movie is in Eragon. ["Looks like I'll be seeing Eragon, then." -- Joe R] Okay, moving along now. Julie and Matt make small talk about the movie in line, Matt telling her that "one of my people recommended it," and my head explodes from cuteness. One of my people?! Julie smirks, "You mean Landry?" and Matt smirks at his own dorkiness just as he sidles up to the box office to ask for tickets. The girl behind the glass tells him that the movie is sold out. Matt is unfazed and now we move into the cowering cringe part of the episode: "Oh, that's alright, I'm Matt Saracen." The girl looks at him blankly. "QB1." The girl continues the blank stare, and Julie looks embarrassed to be his date. But Matt keeps trucking along, flashing his "charmer" smile as he explains, "Quarterback?" until finally the girl is like "And?" Matt asks if they don't hold tickets for the football players, and apparently Dillon's goodwill toward football player policy only extends to fried foods and steroids, because the girl explains that they don't. Not, that is, since Reyes (the hot-headed Latino, remember him? I don't.) started a fight on the balcony. Matt continues debating with the ticket girl when Julie's phone rings and makes his lame efforts moot: "Matt, it's, um, your people is calling." Matt takes the phone and we gather from Matt's part in the conversation that Landry's had to call him in for grandma reinforcement.

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