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Secrets Will Out

We cut to the outside of the Saracen household. Matt parks the car and apologizes to Julie, telling her that it'll all only take a second. Landry comes running out of the house, swearing that he "did not touch her" and explains as they walk toward the house that they were just watching TV when she started "flipping out." Turns out, she's locked herself in the closet. Matt takes the front steps in a bound and we cut inside. Grandma Saracen's confused crying can be heard as Landry leads him to the closet. Matt tries to coax her out, but she just keeps crying and saying she won't let him touch her like that. Landry is distressed and protests that he never touched her. Matt shushes his friend, knowing that his grandmother is just talking crazy. Grandma Saracen starts moaning for Joel. Matt explains to Landry that she's asking for her husband, Matt's grandfather. Landry, still not getting it, yells toward the door that he's "been dead for six years." Matt shushes Landry again and sort of sheepishly leans in toward the closet door, darting embarrassed glances back toward Landry.

And we soon find out why, because it seems there is some Southern Gothic haunting familial stuff going on in this house as Matt puts on a deep voice and says "Darlin'? You in there, darlin'?" From the closet: "Joel, is that you?" Landry looks on, all "...and I thought that R. Kelly closet thing was weird!" Grandma Saracen requests that "Joel" sing "our song" just as Julie walks in the open front door. Matt obliges, launching into a Stephen-King-movie-worthy, strange and halting "Mr. Sandman" and finally getting his grandmother to open the closet door. He keeps singing, she reaches out her arms, he twirls her, she gazes into his eyes and he leads her back to bed, the two of them the weirdest old-timey twosome in the world. He finally gets her to the bed and tucks her in, while doing his Grampa voice, "That's our song!" As she keeps gazing up at her he tells her "See you in my dreams, okay?" and then when she says she loves him, he drops the Grampa voice and tells her, with all his heart, "I love you."


Okay, just kidding, that was the most heartrending thing I've ever seen on television, if also probably the only geriatrically incestuous thing I've ever seen. Matt walks out to where Landry and Julie stand in sort of awe at the insane familial intimacy they just witnessed. Julie quietly says that she'll just have Landry take her home. Matt watches them go and finally takes off his Member's Only date jacket.

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