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Buddy knocks on Lyla's door, calling in to her, "Ly-Ly?" He walks in and finds her curled in bed, lips rosy with depression and nicely-applied Lancome. He quietly pushes her to come downstairs as she's late for school, but she just sort of croaks that she'll be down in a second.

Tami drives Julie to school and pumps her daughter for information about why she got home so early from her date. Julie tells her mom that they can't talk about these things...and then proceeds to talk to her mom about these things. She explains that they didn't go to the movies and quickly assures her mom they didn't go "park somewhere or anything." She tells Tami -- who is like a whole stratosphere beyond a M.I.L.F. in aviator sunglasses and Tawny Kitaen hair -- that he had to go help his grandmother out. Tami says she's sorry about that, but Julie tells her mom that it was "sort of okay. It was like the first time I got to see the real Matt Saracen." Tami just nods, and she's probably panicking behind those sunglasses, realizing her daughter is well on her way to her first serious relationship.

At school, Matt and Landry are in the cafeteria, and Matt is kicking himself for blowing the date last night. Matt is pissy at Landry for not being able to take care of his grandmother for two hours, but Landry tells Matt that singing to his grandmother was probably the only thing he did right the whole night. "Julie totally bought it." Landry explains that on the way home, Julie told Landry that she thought the whole thing was "sweet and vulnerable." Matt isn't too happy to hear this, but Landry is all too happy to tell his big-time-football friend that girls find him vulnerable. Julie and her mousy friend sit down at a table across the cafeteria as Matt watches and frets about his vulnerability. Landry advises him to "drop the macho football thing" and play up the sensitive, artistic side. Matt realizes that maybe there is a chance that Julie is still into him. Landry agrees, "Singin' to your grandma may be the one thing that gets you into Julie Taylor's funhouse." Matt fixes his friend with his vulnerable kitten face and tells him that he's "just wrong." Landry, a big bite of sandwich in his mouth, just twists into a grin with pleasure at his own weirdness.

Buddy and Tami pace around a small office somewhere, sometime. Buddy flabs that they just need to tell the Gatling folks that they will have better accommodations and that's that. Tami suggestst that maybe they don't want to put the Gatling folks on the defensive. Buddy responds by telling Tami "we know how these people are." Ah, the old "you know how these people are" school of human stupidity. Tami sort of doubletakes at Buddy's thinly-veiled racism, and then suggests that they just come at the problem from a different side, "kinda tip it on its head." She accompanies her good sense with hot boobs and a head tilt and Buddy, predictably, likes it. He smiles at her, "I can see why my daughter likes you. She speaks so highly of you." Tami is flattered. Buddy uses this moment to try to get some information out of Tami about what is going on with Lyla, but Tami keeps her confidence and advises Buddy that whatever it is, he shouldn't try to fix it but just be there for his daughter. Buddy smiles and says they make a good team. Tami fake agrees.

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