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Smash is outside lifting weights with Older Sister Who Dare Not Speak Her Name. Seriously, what is her name, and has it ever been established on the show? She's real jock-y and tall, and you wonder what sport she plays and whether she's annoyed to be in Smash's sports shadow. Smash fast-talks about how he'll be "ready for prime time, just like Dad taught me," and his sister tells him to shut up already about their father. Smash, reasonably enough, says again that they're going to the town where he died, so he might as well talk a little bit about him. He says "I remember the guy who taught me to throw a spiral. And took us fishing. And gave me my nickname after I crashed my bike into the water heater." Smash is working his quadriceps and breathing really hard, and you know what's coming as his sister tells her brother that she remembers other things about their father. What those things are we don't know yet as Smash goes full-on into apparent heart attack mode while the Older Sister Who Dare Not Speak Her Name ineffectually tells her brother to breathe.

We cut to a doctor's office where Smash is hooked up with electrodes and is being told that he's in perfect health. The doctor tells him it's probably just anxiety, and Smash says that there is the big game coming up. The doctor wishes him good luck and tells him to relax and then leaves. Smash dares to speak her name -- which is apparently is "Sheila" -- and tells his sister, "See, told you it was no big deal," but she isn't buying it. "Oh please, since when did you start having anxiety attacks?" Smash protests that he always gets worked up before games and she counters, "And does your face always break out, too?" Suspending disbelief for a second, as Gaius Charles's face is clear as the blue sky, but she's nailed him. Smash quickly tells her it's "just some pick-me-ups I've been taking." She's pissed and tells him that he's going to get in trouble but he begs her, tells her that football is his life, that it's all cool, and all the rest of the life-lesson-about-to-be-learned-in-four-to-five-more-episodes jazz.

Tim Riggins pulls his truck up into his driveway and just as he turns it off, O-Town appears out of nowhere with baseball bats. Tim sort of just nods, realizing that when boyz need to dance, boyz need to dance, and they all haul off and smash his truck up but good.

Depressingly Realistic Rehab Facility. Coach Taylor walks into the gym where Jason is working out, weaving between cones in his wheelchair. They make small talk about the upcoming game and Jason tells him that he played in the murderball scrimmage. Coach tells him that he heard all about it, and Jason pauses, looking down and asks his mentor if he had heard anything else. Coach says that he has heard and asks Jason how he's doing. Jason sort of just tightly says "You think you know someone and then you just don't." Coach tells him he didn't come to talk about it, but that he wants Jason to know he doesn't have to be alone with it. Geez. Sometimes the relationships in this show are so functional, it's hard for a recapper to know what to say.

Tim vacuums the safety glass out of his truck while his brother leans back with some chaw in his lip. Tyra marches up out of nowhere and slaps Tim across the face. "Anybody but her." And then she marches off, tossing back to Billy, "Your brother's a jackass!" Billy sits up straight and exclaims, "Whooo! I hope Lyla was worth it, little brother!" Tim continues to take the "silent, brooding type" description on his call sheet rather literally.

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