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Cut to a different song, Lyla and Ole Sis standing in the middle of the living room dancing. Lyla shouts that she LOVES THIS!!! Lyla and I are sisters in drunken loud talking. Seriously, that is one of the bedrock characteristics of my personality. Ole Sis is dancing with the bottle of vodka in her hand, seeming to hold her liquor a bit better than Lyla. She makes robot arms in front of her and asks, "You know what this is? This is an anti-Riggins force field." Lyla doubles over and Ole Sis keeps going, "There ain't no Billy in my chili" and Lyla cutely drunk-repeats the one-liner. Then Lyla asks Ole Sis what move she was doing earlier. I have never wanted to be air-dropped into a scene more than I want to be air-dropped into this one. Ole Sis begins demonstrating some fairly whack move (seriously couldn't come up with something better? You're a STRIPPER!), when we cut outside to Billy pulling up in his truck. Inside, Lyla's stripped off her plaid button-down so she's just in her tank top and Ole Sis is trying to get her to "shake it! shake it!" Billy knocks on the front window and Ole Sis jumps to go turn the music down. Lyla pleads, "No! No!" and then screams at Billy to go away, "Nobody likes you!" Lyla turns to Ole Sis and reminds her that it's a Riggins brother out there, but Mindy is listening to Billy outside, saying he's sorry, saying she can go back to her job, he loves her. Mindy sort of takes a breath and runs outside against Lyla's protestations and jumps on Billy, wrapping her legs around his waist. Classy! Lyla is sad, and I am sad because I want to do whatever Lyla does and that's the truth, shut up.

Tami and Coach have taken the party on the road, because no matter how fast they drive, they can't outrun their own awesomeness. They are cutely arguing about music, Tami is holding a Solo cup to her lips, so is clearly sloshing back some champagne during the drive to Dallas. They pull up to the motel and our good times turn to sighs. Sigh. Cash and Tyra again. Cash is as clammy as a scallop Jaime wants to cook, getting all up in Tyra's face as she tries to gather her stuff to go. They're screaming at each other and Cash is getting all handsy, but Tyra slips past him screaming "Help me!" Coach has jumped out of the truck and intercepts Cash, who yells "Who are you?" at him. But Coach just keeps an even keel, telling Cash to calm down. Tyra gets in the car, Cash is shouting "I'm sorry" at her over and over, Coach gets in the car and they drive off, leaving Cash shit kicking around the parking lot. See ya, Cash!

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Friday Night Lights




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