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Getting In

Commercials. Tyra and Tami sit silently in the car parked out front of a restaurant. Tami asks Tyra if she's okay and Tyra murmurs, "Yes, ma'am." Tyra thanks Tami, who sits in the front seat staring straight ahead, obviously at her wit's end with this girl.

Matt is in his room doing homework. His mom walks in and gives him a Guide to Colleges, saying that she did some research and most colleges have a January 15 deadline for applications. She tells him that there's time, he can get his materials in on time. Matt mutters about not being able to go because of Grandma. Shelby says they can work something out. Then Matt wonders about paying for college. Shelby deadpans that they can rob a bank. She'll drive the car, Matt goes in, Grandma can cover the door. I think I've seen this movie. Doesn't it have Danny DeVito in it? Matt chuckles and Shelby reminds him that there are scholarships for children of people in the military, they just need to get the ball rolling. Shelby points out a school in San Francisco with a great fine art department, and I immediately think: SPIN OFF!! Can I play the professor?

Buddy is in his recliner watching football when Lyla slumps out of her room, bleary eyed and hungover. Buddy makes a joke, "Oh! It's alive" as she shuffles into the kitchen. She mutters that he doesn't have to yell, but Buddy just barrels over the ridges of her hangover, "It's already beer thirty in here, whaddya doin' sleepin' so late?" There's a knock at the door and Buddy's on a roll: "Huh, now let's see. It's not your mother, and I don't have any friends. Who could that be?" Lyla goes to the door and finds Tim. She walks out to talk with him on the exterior stairs of the apartment building. He's grinning and asking if she wants to come outside and play. Lyla isn't amused. Tim abruptly says: "I got in." He explains that he's in college, college in, goin' to college. Lyla starts coming around the more he excitedly talks, but she's not all the way there. But this is bush league for Tim; he charms about how she was right and he was wrong, and then apologizes: 1) I'm sorry 2) I mean it, I'm really sorry 3) Thank you and 4) I wanna celebrate with you and only you 5) Say yes. Lyla finally breaks into a smile, "Did you really get in?" Tim moves in and keeps thanking her, telling her that he couldn't have done it without her, and just as he's about to kiss her, his face goes surprised and he says, "Oh, wow." Lyla is quizzical for a second, and then Tim jokes, "You on a bender right now? I almost got a buzz off you!" Lyla buries her face in her hands and laughs, Tim keeps joking about how he isn't sure if it's safe to drive right now, and for him that's saying a lot. The entire effect is just seriously incapacitatingly awesome and familiar, but BETTER because it is Tim Riggins and Lyla Garrity and not me and my husband joking about someone smelling like a brewery the morning after. The camera pulls away, and we end on Tim sort of enveloping Lyla in his whole body, leaning over her and telling her that he's on board. On board, indeed.

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Friday Night Lights




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