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Buddy and Lady Mayor come running onto the field all crazed and waving their arms. The kids circle up around them, Buddy's all red faced and excited, and he drops the news: the Dillon-Arnett Mead game has gotten picked as High School Game of the Week. The Panthers are going to be playing on national television! Buddy nearly gives himself an aneurysm shouting and jumping around, "ARE YOU READY FOR SOME FOOTBALL?!" The kids are super psyched, jumping and shouting, too. Coach, of course, is cranky because he is a purist and in his day, they slaughtered the pig for the pigskin, sowed grass seed for the field, and played the game of the Gods upon that field only for the love of bruising and ass slapping.

Credits. Production trucks and camera crews pull up outside of Dillon High, making the kids wandering into school all amped. Inside, Tami makes the morning announcements, telling the whole school that Friday night's game is going to be on national TV. Everyone in school whoops and hollers, which makes them, if you ask me, kind of loser-ish. You aren't even on the team, people! But, okay, it's sweet, they're all excited. Some boys in the cafeteria pull up their shirts to reveal painted letters on the chest; they line up to spell P-A-N-T-H-E-R-S for the camera crews that are set up in there. I'm hoping they heard about the TV thing before Tami announced it and don't just wake up every morning and paint a big "P" on their chests.

Rodeo. Tyra takes pictures of Cash with fans, they saunter over to check "the board" and find out what horse he'll be riding. He's psyched, it's apparently a good one, one that "means money." A little kid comes over and wants an autograph, and Cash saccharinely obliges. Meanwhile, Tyra is shoveling it all in with a fork. Next, they wander over to a table where a girl named Brooke is selling cowboy hats. Brooke wonders what Tyra's doing without a cowboy hat, and waves Tyra behind her table to come look at some. Cash leaves them to have some girl time. While Brooke chatters at Tyra about what a catch Cash is, Cash gets immediately embroiled in some tawdry finger pointing and cowboy-shirt-collar grabbing with a circle of guys outside the tent. The guys are clearly demanding money, Cash is saying he'll pay them back. Tyra keeps nervously glancing over there at him, while Brooke natters. Cash ain't got any cash, get it? What I'm getting is that Cash is totally Ray "Only One 'T' Cuz My Momma Couldn't Afford Two" Pruit from 90210. Which makes Tyra the Donna Martin, which, actually, and unfortunately, sort of fits.

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