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Cafeteria. Julie is sitting with Landry, when two girls march up and demand Landry tell them where Tyra is. Landry doesn't know, they tell him she's been missing for a week, and they need to pick a theme for the dance that's coming up. Oh, right, Tyra is president of the student council. They instruct Landry to tell Tyra to call them. "Otherwise, we're going to pick a theme without her." They leave and Julie snarks, "They're gonna pick a theme without her!" Landry asks Julie if she's seen Tyra. When Julie responds that she thinks Tyra said her aunt was sick, Landry realizes that something's up, because the only thing Tyra's aunt is ever sick with is being pumped full of Tyra's lies.

Tim and Lyla are leaving school together when a guy comes up to them and introduces himself as "Scotty Sims, San Antonio State." Tim shakes his hand, and the guy launches right into his pitch about recruiting Tim to play for them. Tim stutters some excuses, the guy says it's all totally fine. Scotty tells him that, like he's said in his letter to Tim, they're graduating their whole backfield in June, and they think Tim would be a great fit. Scotty proposes Tim come by the Marriott to talk some things over with him tomorrow night. Lyla has been looking on with sparkling eyes, but when Tim sort of morosely mutters that tomorrow night isn't so good, his truck is in the shop, Lyla furrows her brow, and then swoops in and declares that she'll give him a ride. They shake on it, and Lyla is beaming, while Tim just looks sort of perplexed.

Coach walks down the school hallway, and opens the door to a classroom, asking the teacher if he can see Julie for a second. Julie comes out looking concerned, a look that quickly evolves into horror when Coach tells her that he's gotten a hotel room for him and Tami after the game on Friday, some champagne, some flowers, some chocolate... Julie jumps in and tells him to just stop the description right there. She must sense that perhaps "massage oil" was somewhere on that list he was rattling off. He tells her that he needs her to put together an overnight bag for her mom and watch Gracie that night. Julie says that's fine, but then tells Coach that she's pretty sure mom didn't want any birthday celebration at all. Coach tells Julie, "That's her problem" and makes his daughter laugh. She turns to go back to class and Coach tells her to get back to Shakespeare; Julie whispers, "Dad, it's math class!" Well, then, Coach tells her to say hello to Mr. Newton. Julie rolls her eyes, "Dad, it's NOT Mr. Newton...." Oh, these two. What a horror but also what a joy to have your dad in school all day with you.

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Friday Night Lights




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