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Rodeo. Tyra stands on the sidelines "wooing' and cheering Cash on. His horse launches out of the gate, he rides it for a while and then waits for his score. He hears it, and stalks out of the ring; Tyra is all chipper and tells him how great he just was, but he just screams at her about how second place isn't good enough at all. He walks right past her, and leaves her there in her stupid cowboy hat looking all confused and totally not bad ass at all.

Matt is lying on the couch, eating a hamburger. His mother is in the kitchen, and wonders whether he shouldn't eat his burger in the kitchen. Matt says that he should at least get a plate, he just was too tired to. Grandma is in her chair and she scolds Shelby, telling her that this is her house, and she says Matt can eat wherever he wants. Matt tries to make peace, saying that he really should get a plate, "This is just dirty." His mom hands him a plate, and Grandma demands, "When are you leaving?" Everyone is taken a bit aback, but Grandma wants to know how much longer she's planning on hanging around. Shelby says that since Grandma has brought it up... Matt jumps in trying to stop Shelby from saying whatever she's going to say, but the train is leaving. Shelby tells Grandma that she and Matt have discussed that if he goes to college, Shelby will stay in Dillon and take care of Grandma. Grandma is pissed that they've been talking about her in her own house. She gets excited and says that this is a terrible idea, Matthew isn't going anywhere. Shelby gets mad and tells her that she's being selfish, and can't expect Matt to stay there forever. Grandma thinks that's rich, Shelby talking about someone being selfish. Grandma narrows her eyes and tells Shelby, "You know what? You're the devil." Whoa, Grandma! She continues, saying that she knew the first day she met Shelby; and she ruined Matt's father, and would have ruined Matt, too, if Grandma hadn't been there. Shelby tells her that's a horrible thing to say, and Matt tries to go to his grandmother, who pops out of her chair and shouts that they both should stay away from her. She looks at Matt and tells him that he can get rid of her if he wants, "But don't leave me with her." Matt just quietly says, "Grandma...." and then tells Shelby that she can't listen to Grandma when she's like this.

Commercials. Julie and Matt are at Matt's locker, Julie is chattering and then realizing that Matt isn't really listening. Matt mutters that it's just that his shoulder really hurts, and that he's half hoping that they lose on Friday so that her dad will stop beating up on him on the field. Julie's like "you know what he's doing, right" and then tells Matt that her father is just trying to motivate him. "It's like basic psychology. He probably read it in a book." I sort of love seeing how well Julie knows her parents, even if she does most often put that knowledge to evil teen use. Landry walks up, beaming and elated over getting asked to do an interview that will air before the game on Friday. He's been picked as "scholar athlete." Matt, as always, is very "wah, wah, wah, waaah" about it; Landry wanders back off talking about going to rehearse to figure out what in the WORLD he'll talk about in his interview. Matt rolls his eyes and tells Julie he has to get to class. Is it just me or does Zach Gilford have the bone structure of fucking Michelangelo's David?

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