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Lyla is sitting in her car outside the Playgirl Ranch laying on the horn and shouting for Tim. Inside, Tim and Billy are taking shots of tequila; Billy telling his brother that he was going to name his first born after Tim. Even if it was a girl. Tim hisses and sucks in air after taking the shot, that one didn't sit right, and instructs Billy to "Beer me right now." Lyla walks in and the boys look caught. Tim says that he's just tending to Billy and his broken heart, and that he lost track of time. When Lyla gets real close in to his face to intone that he has an appointment in fifteen minutes, all of America is like "Mmmm, appointment. Yes. Sexy talk." Tim tells her that when she leans in so close like that, well, "we should just go have a shower right now." Lyla gets exasperated that Tim is drinking, and Tim, running some water and splashing his face, tells her to cram it, all he had was a shot and a beer. He tells himself to get his game face on and heads out to the car. Billy lurches toward Lyla and this next thirty seconds is some excellent drunk acting by Derek Philips -- his eyes are simultaneously dead and threatening to cross as he semi-slurs that he was going to tell Tim to get ready for his appointment. Lyla cuts him off with a sharp, "Well done, Billy." She tells him he's a mess and walks out the door, tossing behind her, "Sorry about Mindy, too, Billy."

In the car, Lyla goes over some school trivia -- history and academics -- that Tim might want to bring up during the meeting. Tim thinks that they'll only be talking football, and that it isn't really a job interview. Lyla's like, "Actually, that's exactly what it is." Which is so true, and not something this show ever really addresses. That these boys trying to get into college through football are applying for jobs, they will be employed by the university they go to. It's all fairly problematic. Lyla tells Tim that she knows what he's doing, with the avoiding of the meetings and the drinking. "You're afraid." She thinks he's afraid of failing. But Tim tells her that what he's really afraid of, is that if it does work out, then he has to go college. Lyla earnestly tells him that he has a shot of being the first Riggins to go to college. Tim chuckles and Lyla gets pissed: "Are you laughing at me?!" Tim tells her that, yeah, "kinda sorta" and then explains that these meetings are crap, all empty promises. It's a waste of time. Lyla pulls the car over and says she feels stupid that she ever thought Tim would take any of this seriously. Tim has a goofy grin plastered on his face, joking that he's just doing some "research" for his interview. Lyla tells him to get out of her car. The camera zooms in on Tim's goofy grin, and "goofy" quickly turns into "pathetic" in the face of Lyla's real anger. She insists, he gets out, moaning about not having a coat and how if he gets sick and misses a game, well, then... But Lyla isn't taking his shit any longer. She drives off, leaving him standing there. On his two long, long legs. He talks to himself, "No, seriously, it's cold!"

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Friday Night Lights




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