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Tyra and Cash are in a tiny, claustrophobic motel room. Cash is pacing around with a bottle of Jack Daniels. Tyra doesn't understand why he's so upset, suggests they go out to get something to eat. He doesn't wanna, and Tyra snaps and tells him he's acting like a little baby. She shouts that the two grand he just won is a lot of money, but Cash yells back that it's not enough. He tells her that he owes some guys a lot of money. He's all clammy and dark around the eyes as he tells her that this is the real world, not high school. Tyra narrows her eyes, and gets pissed at being talked at like that. She leaves, Cash still in the room pacing and whining and sweating strangely.

Locker room. Landry chatters nervously while a make-up artist works on his face. The interviewer is going over some points with him, mainly about his GPA, and the physics club (Landry has to once again explain that the physics club doesn't really exist anymore because there were only two of them, and also a physics club in Dillon, Texas would indeed do something to the space/time continuum, I think). His phone rings and he asks to take it really quick. It's Tyra, she's sitting outside at a patio table under an umbrella in front of the sleazy motel they're staying in. It's raining. Landry tells her about the interview, and she laughs. She tells him she's in Dallas with Cash, then pauses and tells him that it's raining there, her voice full. Landry asks if everything is alright and she says that it is, she just wanted to hear a familiar voice. Landry always knows what to say, and this time, it's to just say that April Keenan is frantically searching for Tyra to finally pin down a theme for the fall dance. Tyra laughs and starts to look a little normal for a minute, but when she can hear the folks calling Landry over for the interview, she tells him he needs to go. He's worried about her, but they get off the phone, Landry going off to do something fun and high schooly, Tyra stuck outside a flea bag, living the sad, life of disappointed adulthood.

Commercials. Lyla's outside a convenience store putting windshield wiper fluid in her car. Mindy comes out and greets her, "Hey, Garrity." Lyla tells Mindy she's sorry about her and Billy, and then asks what happened. Mindy tells her, "Uh, he's a dumbass?" And then explains that Billy wanted her to quit working, which didn't seem so hot an idea to her, given that he hasn't held a job for more than a month the entire time she's known him. Lyla quips that thinking about the future for the Riggins boys is thinking about what kind of beer they want. This wins Mindy over a bit, and she asks Lyla if there's trouble in paradise for her and Tim; Lyla tells her that yes, there, is, that she and Tim are in a fight. Mindy's like, "So you're not going to the game?" When Lyla confirms, Mindy asks if she feels like hanging out. Lyla surprises herself by saying sure. This promises to be rich, so I will put out of my mind the fact that if either of these girls had actual girlfriends, they would be hanging out with them, bitching about the Riggins, rather than making plans with each other.

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