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This is a weird episode, like they pieced together storylines from various other episodes. The whole "Game of the Week" schtick ends here; so the narrative about the business of high school football gets dropped, and we get no more on Landry's comic-relief scholar-athlete interview. Obviously, this is all to make way for the Tyra/Cash storyline, which I think takes too big a chunk out of this week's story, but again is one of those "painted into a narrative corner" things, like Jason Street's arc. We have to get rid of Cash somehow, I guess.

So, meanwhile, in Sigh town (as in, "Cash and Tyra again? Sigh."), Tyra sits at a table alone while Cash plays cards with a couple of cowboys. Cash loses the hand, and asks if they can spot him, and they say no. Cash gets pissed, saying they know he's good for it, but they refuse. Tyra eavesdrops, looking horrified. Cash jumps up and says he's going to get some cash. He walks by Tyra and she pops up, wanting to leave, but Cash takes her by her shoulders and forces her back into her chair. He tells her to sit down in that chair until he gets back. The horror on Tyra's face has turned into fear and confusion, Cash leaves and Tyra looks around her and notices that there isn't another woman in the place. She's getting leered at by various forty-year-old scumbags; she gets up gingerly and leaves. We cut outside to find her standing in front of the cinderblock bar, biting her lip to fight back the tears, and, oh, just sigh.

Commercials. Coach steers Tami out into the school parking lot. Tami wonders why he's not staying to get interviewed on TV, but he opens the passenger door to the truck and just tells her to get in. She says that if he's NOT bringing her to a party, that would be the best birthday present ever. That, and, getting a clicker to open the car doors. Except for then you don't get Coach opening your car door like a MAN who knows all about MAN THINGS.

Tim saunters out of the locker room shooting the shit with some friends and runs into Scotty Sims again. Tim apologizes about not making it to the hotel the other night, but Sims just smoothes it all over. He tells Tim that Coach Powers called him again today to say that Tim is San Antonio State's number one priority right now. And Tim, oh, and Tim -- his eyes brighten so sweetly as he asks "Really?" Scotty Sims suggests that Tim just let him buy him a pop (isn't it "a coke" in the South?) to keep him from losing his job. Tim agrees.

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