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In the hotel, Tami is elated, exclaiming about the champagne and the chocolates, and the -- GASP! -- the hotel robes. She chuckles over how much she loves hotel robes, and Eric looks at her and kind of growls, "We can steal 'em!" His intonation is a bit "talking to the family dog" but whatever. They clink wine glasses and Coach wishes his wife a happy birthday. She leans in and they start making out and Tami suggests that maybe they take a shower, wash some of the game dirt off Coach. Whoa. Just, whoa. We are saved from ourselves and our own game-dirty minds when Tami's cell phone rings. She just wants to get it in case it's Jules; but she takes a look and sees that it's Tyra calling. She answers and we cut over to Tyra in that sleazy motel, crying and apologizing for calling but saying that she's in a little bit of trouble. Tyra pleads with Tami to not be mad; Tami, meanwhile has flipped the switch from sexy wife to caretaker, she tells Tami she isn't going to be mad, Tyra just needs to tell her what's wrong. Tyra explains that she's in Dallas, that Cash has left and she doesn't know where he is, and she has no money, and her mom is out of town and she can't get hold of Mindy. Coach, in the background, mutters that he doesn't like the look on Tami's face. Tami asks Tyra what she needs from her and Tyra sobs, "I need you to come get me." Tami allows herself one brief moment of eye-rolling exasperation, but quickly says she'll do it. She gets the location -- an Econolodge in Dallas (oof) -- and then tells Tyra to lock the door and stay put. Coach is leaning against a door frame, his hair still all akimbo, making a last ditch effor t-- "We have time to take a shower?" Tami laughs in resignation, leans in and kisses him and just says "Oh, hunny." She grabs the champagne, the chocolate, Coach mutters about getting some coffee, and they are out the door.

Over at the Collette house, Mindy and Lyla are hanging out, already in the raised-volume, over-enunciative stage of tipsiness. Ole Sis is getting some snacks together and talking about an article she read in Cosmo about bad dating habits. Lyla's on the couch, saying she read the article, too. Ole Sis says that Billy was like ten for ten on the "toxic warning signs" -- "'Does he put his happiness before yours?' Uh, check." Oh, Mindy, you are really winning me over here. The actress, Stacey Oristano, has the weirdest delivery in the universe; for a long time the delivery didn't seem to have anything to do with the character, but it's totally coming together now. So Lyla sits up and takes a huge gulp of beer out of her plastic cup and slurs "Mmmm, I think that's a great idea" to something Ole Sis has said. Ole Sis, sitting on the couch, busts out laughing at how drunk Lyla suddenly is. Lyla says that she has wasted too much time on Tim Ri-ig-gins, and she needs to focus on herself now. I mean, she's going to Vanderbilt next year. Ole Sis is like "Shut up!" and Lyla explains that she isn't in Vanderbilt yet but she's going to be. Ole Sis says she doesn't know what Vanderbilt even is, but it sounds fancy-pants, then gets up saying she's got a present for Lyla. She grabs a bottle of vodka out of the fridge while Lyla dork-drunkenly bobs her head and shouts, "I like this SONG!" Ole Sis says this is her mom's favorite "man hater breakup music." Lyla furrows her brow and says that it makes her want to DANCE! And thus we find ourselves in a wonderful, wonderful place: Katy Perry's "Hot 'n' Cold" playing, Lyla Garrity taking a shot with Ole Sis Collette.

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Friday Night Lights




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