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Rodeo! Billy, Ole Sis, Tim, Lyla, Tyra, and Landry are at the rodeo, having a grand time. Notable detail: Tyra's terrible perm has been brushed out and she is looking hot, which means it's time for Landry's heart to get rebroke. Landry comes back with cotton candy for the group, but none for him; he explains he's having his wisdom teeth removed tomorrow. Tyra laughs at Landry's concern about his surgery, and Landry is like "Really? I'm having major surgery and you're laughing?" Tyra apologizes and promises that she'll come over and nurse him back to health once it's over. Billy leans over and tells everyone to shut up; "Cash is up next." And we flash down to the rodeo ring where a cute (but only just cute) blond guy rides a bronco, while up in the stands Ole Sis mutters to Tyra about him being one "fine ass cowboy." Tyra pretends she wasn't just fantasizing about riding broncos herself and says she hadn't noticed. Down in the ring, Cash stands around while his score gets announced and the crowd cheers. Pan around behind him to see his view of Tyra in the stands, and then swing around again to get Tyra's perspective on Cash tipping his hat to her. Oh, Landry. She's gonna take Cash to the bank.

Football field, night. Coach runs Smash through some drills. Smash swears he's driving his legs, Coach tells him he isn't. Smash takes a breather and asks Coach why the walk-on was pushed back a day. Coach tells him not to worry about it, and anyhow Mitch says he'll have a better chance with A&M's head coach that day. Smash wants to know who "Mitch" is; Coach trips up and gives the kid the name, "Mitch Stallman." Smash wonders if this guy he's never heard of is real tight with the coach, but Eric runs interference on the kid's question and tells him to quit worrying.

Rodeo afterparty. Just like R. Kelly sings about. Tyra and Cash drink and chat about how he just won ten thousand dollars. Cash tells her that Billy never told him that Mindy's little sister turned into a goddess, and she bows her head, her thankfully straight hair falling forward and making me cheer for the return of the bob. She asks if he's going to be in town for a while, and he totally evades the question (SUSPICION NUMBER ONE!). Then he asks her what happened the guy that was with them before. Tyra, incredulous, "Landry?!" Cash wants to know if he's her boyfriend and Tyra assures him they're just friends. They both pause kind of awkwardly, and then at the same time say "Let's go dance?" And then they do, and they look good on the dance floor together, bathed in light, Tyra's long arm thrown around his neck. The twangy country music fades out, as pondering atmospheric guitars fade in; doesn't Tyra look so happy in this scene?

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