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Commercials. Coach Taylor's office. Matt and J.D. sit next to each other outside the office, all awkward and not talking. They get called into the office and Coach gives them the plan. Matt's going to start, but J.D. is also going to play. They're going to rotate series, each getting equal time. Matt slumps a bit, this is a definite demotion. Coach tells him that he's making this decision because he thinks it'll help them win the game. When Matt is on the field, they'll run the eye, when J.D. is, the spread. Coach tells them that this is unorthodox, "The way we like things around here." He says that it isn't going to work if the opposing team finds out about this, so Matt and J.D. are going to have to "ride herd over the team." I don't totally get what that means; are they not going to tell the rest of the team? Or is Coach just instructing them that they both need to lead the team? Coach dismisses them and they file out.

By the old scoreboard, a small crowd is gathered listening to Superintendent Paul thank the boosters for the Jumbotron money, and then calling up Principal Taylor to the podium. She bounds up and is completely and totally gracious. She revs up the crowd saying that she has two words for them: "'Jumbo' and 'Tron'." They cheer. She says she knows it's really one word, but she wanted to quote their friend Buddy Garrity, it's because of him that they have all this excitement. Eric is in the crowd, watching his wife make this performance, obviously realizing that it is hard for her. But Tami takes the sting away a little bit by adding that she would also like to thank Buddy for his "generous offer to host the winter silent auction at Garrity Motors." Coach grins, Buddy raises his brows, clearly having done no such thing.

Smash's house. Phone rings. Smash answers and says "Yes, sir, this is Brian. Tomorrow morning? Yes, sir, I'll be there." His mother walks over in anticipation. He hangs up the phone and then shakes his head at his mother, saying that it was just a guy saying his new shoulder pads would be ready in the morning. She turns around, and then Smash drops the news, "Naw, I'm just playin.' I got in. I'm goin' to college momma." Corinna, and his sisters and Smash all start shouting and screaming and hugging, and my heart is warm warm warm.

Knock at the Taylors' door. Coach answers to find Smash there telling him that they called and he got in. He's on his way out that very night, "the guys are driving me." Coach's face is again so subtle, there's no wide grin, but still there is joy in every square inch of that face. But then he snaps back into role and asks Brian if he has his playbook, and does he remember what Coach told him about those dorm rooms, and he better keep his grades up, "I'm gonna be keepin' and eye on you." Smash tells him to just hold on a second. "I wanted to stop by, and say thank you. You know. For everything. I couldn't have done any of this without you. And that's for real." They look at each other, and man, how rewarding if someone told you that, in those words, in that way. Coach leans in and embraces Smash, and then sends him off, sounding a bit throaty. Smash runs out to the car (where Tim, Matt, and Landry wait) and Coach yells after him about getting him OU game tickets, fifty yard line. Tim exposits, as the boys drive off that they've got one more stop to make before they leave. Smash tells Riggins "Not another beer run, Riggs?" and Tim responds, "I'm way ahead of you." I wonder where they are going?

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