Friday Night Lights
Hello, Goodbye

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Drunken Bee: A+ | 5 USERS: A+
Didn't Make This World

To the Field of Boyhood Dreams and Adulthood Tears! The foursome frolic on the empty field (ablaze with light), with beers and pure childhood happiness. Matt tosses to Smash, who catches it, evades Tim, and runs into the endzone. We end on a shot of Gaius Charles, ten million watt smile, in slight slow motion, grinning and yelling back at the boys, "Where you at, baby? Where you at?!" Oh what an exit. I feel so nice. Thank you, TV.

There's a method to FNL's madness. Consult ourFriday Night Lights: Best and Worst Plays gallery for an in-depth look.

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Friday Night Lights




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