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Credits. Which I have straight up gone from feeling were just fine-- they did the job-- to absolutely loving. What was wrong with me that whole first season? That clip of Tami doing that slow turn, her arms raised above her head swaying back and forth? Perfection.

We return and we're at the Saracen's. Matt is fixing his grandmother's breakfast and engaged in the interminable discussion of what day it is; what day it is determining, of course, what foodstuffs she will eat. Grandma wants it to be Milquetoast Tuesday, but instead it is Oatmeal Thursday. Matt, in the kitchen, crushes up her blood pressure medication and sprinkles it into the oatmeal. He hands it to her, and she doesn't want it. Matt is in a hurry, and as he's leaving, Grandma wants to know who this "J.D." they're talking about on the TV is. Matt tells her not to worry, that it's just a bye week and they need something to talk about. He leaves, and Grandma promptly leans over and scrapes the oatmeal into the trash can next to her. I don't know if I'm going to be able to handle it if Grandma Saracen dies this season.

Football field. Buddy is over by the scoreboard with some guys, directing them to take some measurements. Tami comes striding out in a pencil skirt and heels. And right there, she's already doing about twenty-five things that Buddy would never be able to do: wearing heels in the grass? She sweetly asks him what he's doing, and when he tells her that he's just taking some preliminary measurements in case his side wins the Jumbotron issue, Tami trills with a smile, "You know you don't have that kind of authority." She whips her sunglasses off and gets serious, telling Buddy that she knows what he's doing, just trying to bully the issue through, but she isn't going to let him, that she is going to make sure that "Superintendent Dunly" hears what she's sayin'. The problem here is that "Superintendent Dunly" is "Paul" to Buddy, who slimily lets it slip that "Paul" really does want to hear Tami's side. "Paul" told Buddy that at the country club this weekend. Tami's face falls. "You played golf with Paul Dunly this weekend?" Buddy is like, sure I did, "I've known him forever."

Landry's mom guides a loopy Landry out to the car after his wisdom teeth extraction. Loopy Landry is the best. He doesn't know why it's so bright outside, and is so glad that his mom is always saving his life, and that she picked him up in the mini-van, because he loves the mini-van, it's a sign of comfort. His mom, all the while, is just murmuring and humoring him. Cut over to Tyra, in school, answering her phone. It's Loopy Landry. Oh, dear. Landry's in the front seat of the beloved mini-van, his sweatpants-ed legs sort of curled up near his chest, and he's feeling pretty fine. Tyra asks how it went, and Landry tell her it was great, "They were playing Lionel Richie. 'Lady.' I love that song." Good thing it wasn't "All Night Long" by Lionel Richie, one of those songs that can kill a party dead because when it comes on, everyone is all "Yeah! I love this song (ironically)!" but then it goes on for twenty minutes, and by the end no one is jammin' in the streets, but rather examining exactly how they got to this sad place, a little more drunk than they want to be, having declared their love for this song that they now realize is actually an aural scourge, and then there's a mass movement for the door, party over. The party is NOT over for Landry, though, as he continues looping to Tyra that he's thinking "Me, you, Repo Man, a bunch of Cherry Garcia, my house." Tyra laughs and tells him that sounds great, and Landry responds by telling her that she's the best girlfriend anyone's ever had. Tyra emits a sharp, no nonsense "Landry." Landry loopily backpedals saying that he knows that she's not his girlfriend but he loves her anyway, and just then his mom reaches over and grabs the phone from him and says goodbye to Tyra for him. Landry asks why, why would she do that? And she just coolly says, "You will thank me later."

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