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Coach's office. Coach barks some orders about working on a spread offense to get ready for next week's game. One of the assistant coaches presumes too much: "We're building around McCoy, then?" Coach tightly tells him that he didn't say that and Mac polishes some apples by sternly telling the other coach that what they'll do is work on a spread offense, and not ask questions about it. Everyone but Mac then files out of the room; Coach, "you need something?" Mac wants to know if they're going with McCoy. Coach exasperatedly tells him that he does not know, and the hair above his head is totally in sync with his mouth for once, because it clearly does not know, either.

Boys loaf their ways out of the locker room. Matt notices his mom in a car waiting for him. He goes over to her, totally taken aback. She says she was just on her way back from San Antonio on business, and wanted to stop by and see him. She asks if she can give him a ride, and he seems undecided, looks back at his friends, but then agrees and gets in the car. She drives him home; he tells her "It's right up here" and she says she remembers. Ouch. She remarks over how cool it is that Matt has his own sign in the yard; he deflects the affection she's trying to show. He gets out of the car, and she says, "So, I guess I'll see ya?" Matt again masterfully deflects the insinuation she's making. He heads up to the front door, so that she has to get out of the car and go after him. They stand, a distance between them, and she tells him that she knows he has a lot on his plate, and she wanted to know if there was anything she could do to help out. Matt tells her no. She persists, saying that as long as she's in town, she'd love to help. Matt is surprised and asks her how long she'll be in town for. "Oh, not long term or anything" and then she repeats that she just wants to help. Matt finally relents, and moves a bit closer to her, telling her that he's supposed to take his grandmother to an orthopedic appointment tomorrow. In what car? How do they get around to things like that, I wonder? Shelby hesitates a bit, but then says that that'd be perfect, and she'll be there. Matt heads in, finding Grandma at the storm door, staring unhappily out at Shelby getting back into her car.

The Collettes' back porch. Cash dumps out a crawfish boil onto a table covered in newspaper. Everyone is grossed out, because this is West Texas, and mudbugs aren't really native here. Hear that, Cash? He shows them all how to peel and eat the body, and then how to suck the head. Tyra tells him that it's just wrong what he's doing; he tells her that she's right, the head doesn't really taste that good. Billy remarks that Cash has all kinds of useless skills, like he also speaks French. Yes, Billy, totally useless that skill. Tyra wonders where he learned French, obviously imagining him whispering sweet croissants into her ear, and he tells her that he grew up in Louisiana, his family moved to Dillon when he was in high school, and that's how he met Billy. Billy waxes on about high school yet again, saying that Cash had an insane arm on him, playing high school baseball. He could have gotten a scholarship. Cash tells Tyra that baseball was boring and he likes what he's doing now, "ridin' broncs in the rodeo." And then he looks straight at her and says "Yee haw!" (SUSPICION NUMBER TWO!)

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