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Matt scrolls down a computer screen for Smash, they're looking for Mitch Stallman on the A&M website. They find him, and find out that he's "Director of Group Sales." Smash shakes his head, "I'm gonna work at Alamo Freeze till I die." Oh, Smash. Landry breaks in-- they're at Landry's house, we find as we pull back-- and mumbles that he's glad to supply them with beverages and wi-fi, but Tyra is going to be over any minute. Meanwhile, we notice that Landry is watching "Deal or No Deal," the harbinger of the currently going-strong Howie Mandel Renaissance. Which is really just so far from the one we had with Michelangelo and company. Smash reminds Landry that Tyra broke up with him a long time ago, and Landry, chipmunk-cheeked, with ice packs on either side of his face, tells him that his facts are not correct, that Tyra is a complicated woman. Smash tells Matt that he has to leave, "It's getting sad and weird in here." Matt takes off, too, telling Landry that if Tyra doesn't show up, he can call him. Landry swears that she'll show up.

Meanwhile, over at the Collettes', Ole Sis and Billy sway around drunkenly to music at the center of the room. Tyra and Cash sit on the couch talking. Cash taps out a few pills from a bottle into his hand and tells Tyra it's Cowboy Candy, he busted his shoulder in Minneola last week. (SUSPICION NUMBER THREE!). Mindy hears this and is like a moth to a flame made of Vicodin, "Oh, that's so weird? Do you remember? When I busted? My shoulder in Minneola?" Oh, Ole Sis, you would be an uptalker. It's perfect. Cash denies her, so she just self-medicates by inappropriately tonguing Billy right next to Tyra. Cash asks Tyra if she wants to get out of there and leave them alone. They get up, and Tyra takes a look at her phone, seeing a bunch of texts from Landry. She tells Cash that she has to take a pass on tonight. She explains about Landry and his wisdom teeth and how she said she'd help. Cash just says, "Yeah, well, I got a pretty good idea about that" and then just french kisses the conscience right out of Tyra. She's like, "Hmmm. Mmmmm. Hmmm. Alright" and they leave together.

Tami and Katie are powerwalking around Tami's neighborhood. Tami is talking a mile a minute, (btw, Connie Britton's body is ridiculous), about how pissed off it makes her that Buddy plays golf with the superintendent. Katie brightly tells her to take golf up, it's fun! Tami continues ranting, saying that this is just a boy's club and she can't break into it, and, and, and. Katie breaks in, first asking Tami to not be mad at her, "Cuz I didn't invent the world," and then goes on to tell her that nobody likes an angry woman. Tami busts out that she is NOT ANGRY, NOT ANGRY!!! She says she has dealt with the situation with dignity but they have been riding roughshod over her. Katie tells her that she's angry "underneath" which is just a waste of time. Katie tells her that she has to play the game, and then tells her to find out where the superintendent has his coffee and go "run into him" there. Then, hilariously, she tells Tami to "Wear your hair down! Wear it down!" What a neat little encapsulation of first wave, second wave, AND third wave feminism. "Get angry" or "play the game," indeed. We're still trying to figure it out.

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